The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1204

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1204 – “270 million!”

“280 million!”

“290 million!”

Graham immediately raised his hand again and shouted, “300 million!”

The bidding was proceeding intensely. Someone would raise the price as soon as the other person finished his bidding.

They increased the bidding price of 10 million at a time continuously in order to grab the Rejuvenating Pill.

Soon, the whole scene had become very lively and chaotic. Even people with a net worth of only about 1 billion joined in the bandwagon and increased the bidding price because everyone knew that money was valuable, but longevity was even more expensive.

Sam felt that every time someone bid a price, it was a slap to his face.

He had never been so embarrassed in his life.

However, this was just the beginning.

He was in a deep mess now, and he was wondering how he would walk out of here without embarrassing himself further.

Did he really have to s*****w the ruby necklace?

At this moment, the bid was still ongoing, and it was very happening.

Travis, Zeke, and Graham all refused to give up this great opportunity, and neither did the others.

Soon, the price had exceeded 500 million dollars.

At some tables, only two or three people were still in the bidding game, while the others had to abstain because the price was beyond a range they could afford.

Nonetheless, the auction continued although the price had reached an unthinkable 500 million.

The price went up and up, and soon, it had exceeded 600 million.

By now, the only people who were still bidding were Travis, Zeke, and Graham.

The three men shared a good friendship and were all familiar with Charlie. Their original intention was not to make the scene awkward, but because no one was willing to give up such a precious pill, they kept bidding for a higher price. The one who named the price would bow to the other two and apologize.

The scene suddenly became rather ambiguous and peculiar.

After Zeke shouted a bid of 600 million, he bowed to the other two men and said, “I’m sorry, bro, forgive me.”

Then, Graham shouted 610 million. He, too, bowed to the other two men apologetically. “Oops, sorry, bro, forgive me.”

Then it was Travis. He did the same after shouting 650 million. “Sorry, bro, forgive me.”

The audience was dumbfounded. What was going on between the three of them? How were they related? Why did they call each other bro?

Regardless of their relationship and brotherhood, their persistence had pushed the bidding price higher and higher as none of them were willing to give up.

In the blink of an eye, the price had reached 980 million.

Sam’s jaw almost dropped to the floor.

980 million.

His necklace was only worth 140 million, but the pill was so much more expensive than it!

What the heck was the Rejuvenating Pill anyway? How could it be so valuable?

Travis cleared his throat and shouted, “I offer 1 billion dollars!”

Zeke felt as if the auction had no finish line. Considering his assets, he might be able to compete with Graham, but Travis’s wealth was on a different level which was incomparable.

If he added only a little bit on top of Travis’s price, it would be difficult to outbid Travis, so he ground his teeth and blurted, “I offer 1.1 billion!”

Everyone in the hall gaped in bewilderment when he raised the price by 100 million!


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