The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1201

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1201 – In Sam’s eyes, the Rejuvenating Pill that Charlie had given to Jasmine was just some inconspicuous pills.

Even if it was really the Acetum Bezoardicum Pill that had rocket high prices in the Chinese medical profession, the most expensive top-grade Acetum Bezoardicum Pill was probably worth only a few hundred thousand dollars.

Moreover, so what if Charlie’s so-called Rejuvenating Pill was indeed the Acetum Bezoardicum Pill?

There was still a huge difference between the pill and his ruby necklace which was worth nearly one hundred and twenty million dollars.

Therefore, Sam could not help but feel that he had already defeated Charlie.

After Sam said those words arrogantly, he was originally waiting to receive everyone’s praise. However, he really did not expect everyone to stare at him as though they were looking at a mentally retarded person.

They could not really blame him because he was the only person at this birthday banquet who did not know the value of this Rejuvenating Pill.

Although everyone present here felt that Sam had to be really mentally retarded, he was still the third young master of the Kilgore family no matter what it was. Hence, no one dared to express their own feelings directly.

However, Sam could see the look in everyone’s eyes for himself.

He could not help but wonder, what exactly was going on? Was this so-called Rejuvenating Pill really that valuable? That was impossible! How much money could it possibly be worth?

At this time, Charlie looked at Sam before he smiled and said, “Master Kilgore, how much do you think my Rejuvenating Pill is worth?”

Sam snorted coldly before he said contemptuously, “In my opinion, it is probably worth one hundred thousand dollars at most!”

Charlie smiled before he said, “Since that is the case, why don’t we hold a small improvised auction here today, then?”

Sam frowned as he asked, “Auction? What do you mean?”

Charlie smiled and said, “I mean, we can auction both the ruby necklace and the Rejuvenating Pill here today and see who can get a final transaction price at the end of the auction. What do you think?”

Sam snorted coldly before he said, “What? Are you kidding me? I bought the ruby necklace especially as a birthday gift for Miss Jasmine. How could I just sell it like that?”

Charlie replied, “Well, then I will believe that your ruby necklace is really worth twenty million US dollars. According to our bet, does that mean that I will win as long as my Rejuvenating Pill can fetch a higher price than your ruby necklace?”

Sam laughed as he said, “You with the last name Wade! Are you really going to auction your Rejuvenating Pill here? Do you really think that your s****y Rejuvenating Pill will be able to fetch more than twenty million US dollars?”

After that, Sam sneered again as he said, “Moreover, you are truly a very nasty person. Even if your Rejuvenating Pill is really worthless, it is still a birthday gift that you prepared for Miss Jasmine. How could you auction off the gift just like that? You are simply being too shameless, right?”

Jasmine suddenly became very anxious when she heard this. She subconsciously blurted out, “Sam! You cannot say that to Master Wade!”

Everyone present in the banquet hall were all shocked. No one would have expected Jasmine to reprimand Sam directly just to protect Charlie.

Sam also had a seriously wronged expression on his face. Was there something wrong with Jasmine? The other party had given her such a useless gift, but she was actually still defending him?

He had given her such an expensive ruby necklace, but she was not even grateful at all.

However, Sam did not know how grateful Jasmine felt toward Charlie at this moment.


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