The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1196

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1196 – However, since the table was already full, she could only sit with Xyla.

Lord Moore stood up to say a word of thanks before the birthday banquet started.

As he was thanking the guests in his thank you speech, Lord Moore immediately said, “I would like to thank Master Wade for taking the time to come and attend my granddaughter, Jasmine’s birthday banquet today!”

As soon as Lord Moore said this, the face of the third young master of the Kilgore family who was sitting at the main guest table turned black immediately.

What the h**l?!

Did Lord Moore really not know how to act at all? He had especially driven all the way here to attend his granddaughter’s birthday banquet, but he could not even be bothered to put him in the first place when he was thanking his guests?

As he thought about this, he could not help but glance at Charlie who was also seated at the main guest table.

The kid looked so plain and unremarkable. So, he had no idea why Lord Moore seemed to favor him a lot.

After Lord Moore had thanked Charlie, he proceeded to thank the third young master of the Kilgore family for coming today.

The third young master of the Kilgore family could not help but feel a little angry when he realized that Charlie, who had an unknown reputation, had actually stolen the limelight from him.

At this time, Lord Moore had already finished giving his speech, and it was Jasmine’s turn to thank the guests.

Just like Lord Moore, the dignified and majestic Jasmine proceeded to thank Charlie first in her thank you speech.

As she spoke, she stared at Charlie with her big and affectionate eyes as she said seriously, “Thank you, Master Wade, for taking time out of your busy schedule just to attend my birthday banquet. I truly feel very flattered.”

After thanking Charlie, Jasmine said once again, “In addition to thanking Master Wade, I would also like to thank all of my friends and all the guests who are here today. Thank you for coming.”

Jasmine bowed to everyone after she was done speaking.

The third young master of the Kilgore family was extremely furious at this time.

Although he was the second person that Lord Moore had thanked, at the very least, he had mentioned his name to thank him and show his appreciation for his presence.

However, when it came to Jasmine, she did not even bother to mention his name and simply thanked him along with the other guests who were here today. This made him feel extremely angry and furious.

At this time, he whispered to Reuben who was sitting next to him as he asked, “What are Charlie’s origins?”

Reuben had always been very upset with Charlie, but he did not dare to do anything to him. When he saw that the third young master of the Kilgore family seemed to be very dissatisfied with Charlie, he hurriedly replied, “Charlie is a very famous live-in son-in-law in Aurous Hill. At the same time, he is also a pretty well-known Feng Shui master and seems to have some skills when it comes to concocting m********n. That is the reason why people refer to him as Master Wade.”

The third young master of the Kilgore family could not help but curl his lips in dissatisfaction when he heard this. “What Master Wade? He actually dares to call himself a master just because he knows a little bit about Feng Shui and medicine? If an inferior person like him was in Eastcliff, he would have already been k****d a long time ago!”

At this time, Reuben hurriedly said, “Master Kilgore, you are right. Aurous Hill is just a small place, but even though this is a small place, there are many shallow people here. Some people even dare to be known as The True Dragon.”

“The True Dragon?” The third young master of the Kilgore family snorted coldly before he raised his brows and asked, “Does this Charlie claim that he is The True Dragon?”

Reuben replied in a low voice, “I do now know if he claimed to be The True Dragon on his own, but many people in Aurous Hill actually claim that he is The True Dragon, Master Wade.”

The third young master of the Kilgore family sneered as he said, “He is The True Dragon? I, Sam Kilgore, am also a dragon! I am a dragon from the Kilgore family in Eastcliff. I truly want to see who The True Dragon really is today!”

Reuben continued flattering him as he said, “Charlie would definitely be very inferior if he were to be compared to you. I am afraid that he would not even be able to compete with a strand of your hair.”

“That goes without saying.” The third young master of the Kilgore family glanced at Charlie, and he was very haughty and arrogant as he sneered in his heart, ‘This pathetic j**k from a small place like this actually dares to steal my limelight? I will unleash my fury here today! I will take it all out on you first so that all these old b******s in Aurous Hill can open their eyes and see for themselves who The True Dragon is!’


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