The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1185

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1185 – Paul drove home after sending Charlie back to the villa at Thompson First.

Charlie walked back to the villa on his own. His father-in-law, Jacob, hurriedly came forward to greet him as he asked, “My good son-in-law, did you manage to see your Aunt Matilda after going out with Paul today?”

Charlie replied helplessly, “Dad, why would I possibly meet Aunt Matilda when I am going out to run some errands with Paul?”

Jacob could not help but sigh as he felt very depressed.

He missed Matilda very much these past few days. However, since Elaine was at home, he did not dare to take the risk of meeting up with Matilda.

So, at this time, he could not help but feel very anxious and lost.

He asked Charlie again, “Then, did you ask Paul about the current status of your Aunt Matilda? How has she been?”

Charlie smiled before he replied, “Aunt Matilda is doing very well lately. I heard Paul saying that Aunt Matilda is also teaching a class at Senior University nowadays. She is not only teaching a class, but she is also learning calligraphy and painting from others. She is living a very good and enriched life.”

When Jacob heard this, he could not help but feel a little anxious. “Oh! How could she go to Senior University?”

Charlie asked in surprise, “What is wrong with Senior University? Isn’t that just a university for the elderly and the senior citizens?”

Jacob had a gloomy expression on his face as he said, “Don’t you know that there are a lot of old men who have no wives at Senior University? They are just a bunch of nasty old men who are not there to learn or enrich themselves! They are simply there to look for a wife and companion!”

After he was done speaking, Jacob said nervously, “Your Aunt Matilda is so beautiful. Wouldn’t all the old men be interested and constantly thinking about her?”

Charlie laughed before he said, “Then, can you stop people from thinking about her?”

Jacob sighed as he said, “You’re right! This situation is simply too depressing!”

After he was done speaking, Jacob’s eyes suddenly lit up as he said, “That’s right! I could just attend Senior University too! That way, wouldn’t I be able to meet your Aunt Matilda, then?”

Charlie asked him, “Aren’t you afraid that mom will find out about this?”

“It will be fine.” Jacob earnestly replied, “Don’t you know what kind of woman your mother-in-law is? She has always been very desperate to save her own face. As you can see, she is limping and using crutches to walk. Moreover, she has even lost her two front teeth. She does not even dare to go out for the time being. How could she possibly dare to go to any crowded places now? Every time she steps out to buy anything, she even puts on sunglasses and a mask out of fear that someone would recognize her. So, she will not dare to go to Senior University now.”

“Okay, then.” Charlie nodded without saying much.

In truth, he did not care too much about the relationship between his father-in-law and Matilda. If his father-in-law had a very close relationship with Matilda, his wife, Claire, would definitely be very sad and depressed when she found out about it.

It would also be terrible if his mother-in-law, Elaine, found out about this. There would certainly be chaos then.

So, he could only let his father-in-law suffer a little grievance then.


Two days later.

Charlie had already told his family in advance that he would be attending a friend’s birthday banquet that night.

That afternoon, he went out to buy a beautiful red mahogany gift box before placing the Rejuvenating Pill in it.

After that, he even asked the owner of the gift shop to meticulously wrap up the gift box for him.

Naturally, he had to make sure that the gift was presentable since it was a birthday gift for others.

Since Paul was also invited to attend the birthday banquet, he drove to pick Charlie up before they headed to the Moore family villa together.

The Moore family did not prepare too many decorations for Jasmine’s birthday. Instead, they simply decorated the Moore family villa with some modern and warm decorations.

As Paul drove the car into the courtyard, Charlie could not tell that these decorations were for a birthday banquet.

Jasmine was wearing a tailor-made white dress tonight.

It was a tube dress, so Jasmine looked very s**y and beautiful in it. This was especially so because Jasmine’s collarbone was not only very prominent, but it also had a very good looking shape. Even women would feel jealous of Jasmine when they saw her.

A lot of luxury cars were parked in the courtyard, and it seemed as though there were many guests here today.

Jasmine was originally greeting her guests inside the villa, but when she heard that Charlie was here, she hurried out to greet him.


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