The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1183

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1183 – On the way back, Charlie asked Paul, “By the way, what has Aunt Matilda been up to lately?”

Paul replied, “My mother recently enjoys going to Senior University. An old friend of hers invited her over to be a visiting professor at the Senior University. She is specializing in teaching senior citizens about the legal system.”

“Oh?” Charlie was very surprised, and he asked, “Then, wouldn’t Aunt Matilda be Professor Hall now?”

Paul laughed as he said, “She is not really a professor. In fact, Senior University is also not a university in the true sense. It is just a college providing training classes for the elderly. Although my mother is teaching a class there, she is also attending some calligraphy and traditional painting classes there as well. She is very busy every day now.”

After that, Paul asked curiously, “What has Uncle Wilson been up to lately? My mother often brings him up, but it seems as though she is always hesitating and s********g back her words whenever she wants to talk.”

Charlie felt that Paul was not an outsider. So, he sighed as he said, “When Aunt Matilda and you returned to the country, my mother-in-law had disappeared during that time, but she is back now.”

As he spoke, Charlie continued explaining, “My mother-in-law has a very aggressive personality. That is why my father-in-law is also a little afraid. He is afraid that my mother-in-law will look for Aunt Matilda and cause trouble for her if she finds out that Aunt Matilda is back in the country. So, he does not dare to ask Aunt Matilda out.”

Paul nodded lightly before he sighed and said, “Well, I guess it is really hard for us to interfere with the matters of our parents’ generation.”

At this time, Charlie’s cell phone started ringing. It turned out to be Jasmine, whom he had not seen for many days.

He answered the phone before he smiled and said, “Miss Moore, what have you been up to lately?”

Jasmine laughed slightly before she said, “I am just slightly busy, but I am definitely not as busy as you are, Master Wade.”

At this time, Jasmine asked curiously, “Master Wade, will you be free the night after tomorrow?”

Charlie thought for a moment before he said, “It seems as though I will have nothing going on. What is the matter?”

Jasmine smiled before she said, “It’s nothing much. I just wanted to invite you to come over here to have a meal at our house. Grandpa keeps talking about you anyway.”

Charlie smiled before he replied, “Alright, then. I will go over to your house for dinner the day after tomorrow.”

Jasmine replied happily, “That’s great, Master Wade! Will 7 pm on the day after tomorrow be okay for you?”


“See you then!”

“Okay, see you then!”

After hanging up the phone, Paul smiled as he asked, “Master Wade, did Miss Moore call you?”

Charlie knew that Paul also knew Jasmine, so he did not bother to hide the truth from him. He nodded as he said, “Yes.”

Paul smiled once again as he asked, “Did Miss Moore call you to tell you about her birthday party?”

“Birthday party?” Charlie was a little surprised. “Miss Moore did not tell me about her birthday party over the phone just now. She simply asked me to go over to her house for dinner the night after tomorrow.”

Paul smiled profoundly before he said, “I guess it is because Miss Moore does not want you to spend any money to prepare any gifts for her. That is probably the reason why she did not mention it to you. When she called me, she told me directly that it would be her birthday party.”

Charlie was a little surprised. She should have just told him that it was her birthday. Why was she hiding it? It would not be good for him to appear empty-handed either.

Was it really like what Paul had just mentioned? She did not want him to spend money?

Charlie thought to himself for a moment and felt that it was very likely.

Jasmine had always felt that she owed him a lot. This was because he was the one who had helped her break the dragon encapsulation formation without taking any money from her at all.

Moreover, when he made the magical pill for her grandfather and Anthony, he also secretly gave one of them to her.

After concocting the Rejuvenating Pill, he had even given one of it to her grandfather, and her grandfather had become at least a dozen or twenty years younger because of it. The only reason why he gave it to her grandfather was entirely because he was giving Jasmine face.

It was also because he gave Lord Moore the Rejuvenating Pill that Lord Moore had begun to take Jasmine even more seriously. This was the reason why Jasmine’s status in the Moore family was getting higher and higher.


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