The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1182

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1182 – However, she had come up with a low-key but meaningful word, ‘Jamal’.

At this time, Charlie could not help but feel that Matilda was truly amazing.

Nevertheless, Charlie simply thought about this deep in his own heart. He did not tell Paul about it.

Since Paul was such a smart person, Charlie guessed that Paul should also know the origins of his middle name.

After signing the contract, Liam asked respectfully, “Master Wade, are you going to change the Weaver P************l’s name now?”

Liam felt that since Charlie was already the major shareholder of Weaver P************l, it would not be appropriate for them to continue calling the company ‘Weaver P************l’.

Charlie also felt that it would be really strange to continue calling the company he controlled Weaver P************l.

So, he thought for a while before he said, “Then, we will change the name of the p************l company to The Oracle P************l.”

Charlie felt that his ability to master so many classic medical techniques left behind by his ancestors was entirely the result of the Apocalyptic Book. Therefore, he decided to name it The Oracle P************l in recognition of the Apocalyptic Book. This could be regarded as his own contribution and tribute to the Apocalyptic Book.

Although Liam did not know how he came up with the word, he naturally did not have any opinion on the matter since Charlie had already said so. Therefore, he immediately said, “Master Wade, in that case, I will submit a statement today and register the trademark name of The Oracle P************l at the same time.”

Charlie nodded as he said, “You told me before that Kobayashi Pharma’s stomach powder is placing a very big pressure on the company, right?”

“Yes!” Liam sighed as he said, “The stomach powder produced by Kobayashi Pharma is now sold throughout the whole continent. They are putting a lot of pressure on us.”

Charlie told Liam, “The Kobayashi Pharma is not a threat to us at all. I will give you a prescription for treating stomach problems. After producing it, you can name it the Oracle Stomach Pill. Do you have a pen and paper with you? I will write down a prescription for you. After this, you can start producing the m********n according to this prescription and put it up for sale on the market as soon as possible.”

Liam was overjoyed. He never expected Charlie to draw up a prescription himself. So, he quickly took a pen and paper before handing it over to Charlie respectfully.

Charlie thought for a moment before he selected a medicinal formula called the ‘Stomach Pill’ from the Apocalyptic Book.

He had specifically chosen this formula because the herbs and materials used in this formula were relatively easy to find.

Although this was only a very basic prescription for stomach problems in the Apocalyptic Book, this medicine had a very miraculous effect on an ordinary person.

As long as Liam could produce this medicine, they would definitely be able to easily suppress the sale of the stomach powder produced by Kobayashi Pharma.

Thus, he wrote down the prescription and ratio before handing it over to Liam.

After taking his notebook back from Charlie, Liam could not help but feel a little surprised when he saw the medicinal formula written on it.

Liam also had a background in medicine, and he had been trying to uncover ancient medicinal prescriptions. Therefore, he also had a basic understanding of the prescriptions.

However, when he looked at Charlie’s prescription, he felt as though many of the medicinal materials and herbs in the formula had nothing to do with the treatment of any stomach disease at all. Therefore, he could not help but feel a little surprised.

The prescription that Charlie had written down was a prescription found in the Apocalyptic Book. The was originally a very divine book on its own. Therefore, the prescriptions written and recorded in this book were all very powerful. It would be strange if an ordinary person could understand the prescriptions written in the book.

Although Liam could not understand the prescription, he did not dare to doubt Charlie at all.

Liam placed a lot of emphasis on the prescription before he got ready to go back and produce the m********n so that they could test the effects of the medicine.

He settled all the contractual matters with Paul before he left Weaver P************l, which was now The Oracle P************l.

Paul was filled with admiration and respect for Charlie who was standing next to him. He felt that Charlie was truly unpredictable.

He could just come up with a prescription, and other people were already willing to give him the whole company.

Who else in this world would actually have this kind of ability?

It was no wonder why all the powerful and capable people in Aurous Hill were all filled with respect for Master Wade.

Moreover, whenever anyone mentioned Master Wade, they only had three words to describe him—The True Dragon!


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