The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1181

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1181 – Paul looked at Charlie in disbelief. Although he felt that it was completely unbelievable, he felt that Charlie was not just bragging. So, he hurriedly started the car before he drove toward Weaver P************l.

Weaver P************l had a large production base in the southeast area of Aurous Hill. In addition to producing all of their medications here, their management staff also worked here.

There were workshops, warehouses, office buildings, and dormitories at the Weaver P************l production base.

As soon as Paul parked his car in front of the Weaver P************l’s office building, they realized that Liam was already waiting for them here.

Charlie’s performance on Mount Golim had really given Liam a huge shock.

Ever since that day, Liam had already regarded Charlie as a G*d, and he was not afraid of any difficulties or danger and was willing to go through thick and thin for Charlie.

Liam welcomed Charlie and Paul into his office respectfully.

Liam immediately took out the contract template that he had already drawn up and said to Charlie, “Master Wade, I have already drawn up a draft of the contract. You can ask your lawyer to check it out and see if there are any issues whatsoever.”

As soon as he opened the contract, he gave a brief introduction as he said, “The main clause in this contract is that I will unconditionally transfer eighty percent of Weaver P************l’s shares over to you on behalf of Weaver P************l.”

Charlie never expected Liam to be so straightforward.

Hence, he simply nodded and said, “Let Paul go through the contract with your lawyer then.”

Liam hurriedly replied, “Then, I will ask my lawyer to come in now.”

After that, Liam made a call, and several lawyers working for the p************l company walked in together.

Paul was very professional and quickly got down to work as he discussed the details of the contract with them.

The contract was quickly drawn up, and Charlie and Liam signed the contract without any hesitation at all.

After signing the contract, Charlie had officially become the biggest shareholder of Weaver P************l by owning eighty percent of Weaver P************l’s shares.

Since Charlie had hired Paul as his lawyer, Paul’s name was also written in the lawyer’s column in the corporate equity transfer contract.

Still, Charlie was a little surprised when he saw Paul writing his full name on the contract.

His full name was Paul Jamal Mark-Smith.

This really surprised him a lot!

Charlie was not that surprised that Matilda’s last name was also a part of Paul’s last name.

However, he was very surprised to discover his middle name.


‘Ja’ was naturally referring to Jacob!

And ‘Mal’ was naturally referring to Matilda!

This simple word did not seem to carry any significant meaning at all.

Yet, there was actually a very deep and significant meaning behind his middle name, Jamal.

Matilda probably came up with this name for Paul because of the attachment she felt for Jacob—because she had been yearning and longing for him, and probably because of the admiration that she felt for him.

Needless to say, Paul’s middle name had to be directly related to his father-in-law, Jacob!

This way, Paul’s middle name probably meant that Matilda was attached to Jacob, Matilda yearned for Jacob, Matilda missed Jacob, and Matilda admired and loved Jacob deeply.

Charlie felt that Paul’s middle name reflected Matilda’s deep affection and love for Jacob, and at the same time, he felt that this name really highlighted Matilda’s full literary accomplishments.

If she were just a laymen, she would never have been able to come up with this middle name for Paul.


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