The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1180

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1180 – However, he would have to transfer the shares over to himself first before he handed the prescription over to Liam.

These prescriptions were truly invaluable, and he would probably be able to exchange several or even dozens of Weaver P************l’s wealth with just a single prescription alone.

As soon as Paul received his phone call asking for his help, he agreed to it immediately without even asking him what the matter was.

Both of them agreed to meet at the villa at Thompson First early in the morning tomorrow.

When Jacob found out that Charlie was going to meet Paul, he could not help but feel a little excited.

Ever since Elaine had come back, he had been wanting to see Matilda. However, he did not dare to meet up with her at all.

This was because he was afraid that Elaine’s vixen skills would explode, and she would go and cause trouble for Matilda if she found out that the latter had already returned to China.

Thus, after finding out that Charlie was going to see Paul, he asked him in private, “My good son-in-law, will your Aunt Matilda be going out with you and Paul to run your errand this time?”

Charlie smiled helplessly before he said, “Of course Aunt Matilda will not be coming with us. Dad, if you want to see Aunt Matilda, you should ask her out yourself!”

Jacob replied awkwardly, “I do not dare to!”

Charlie sighed as he said, “Then I will not be able to help you, but…”

Jacob continued pleading, “My good son-in-law, can’t you just create an opportunity for me to meet up with your Aunt Matilda?”

Charlie replied, “Of course I can do that, but I am just afraid that Claire will be angry when she finds out about it.”

Jacob hurriedly replied, “We can just keep it from her!”

Charlie replied earnestly, “Even if we don’t tell her about this kind of thing for the time being, she will still find out about it sooner or later. When she finds out about it, she will definitely be very angry with us for doing these kinds of things behind her back.”

As he was speaking, Charlie’s cell phone suddenly rang. It was a phone call from Paul.

Since Charlie was also trying to get out of this conversation with his father-in-law, he hurriedly said, “Dad, I will not talk to you anymore. Paul has already come to pick me up. I have to leave now.”

After he was done speaking, Charlie hurried out of the house before waiting for the old man to reply.

When he arrived outside the main entrance of the villa community at Thompson First, Charlie saw that Paul was already waiting for him in his Rolls-Royce.

When he saw that Charlie had already come out, Paul hurriedly waved at him before he said respectfully, “Master Wade, I am here!”

Charlie nodded slightly before he walked toward the car, opened the car door, and got into the car.

Paul was wearing a very formal suit and tie today.

Charlie could instantly tell that his suit was of very good quality. It must have been tailor-made by some big brands or high-end tailors.

Paul asked Charlie, “Master Wade, what kind of collaboration do you have with the Weaver P************l company that we are going to today?”

Charlie replied, “The Weaver P************l is prepared to transfer eighty percent of its shares over to me. I want you to be my legal counsel so that you can help me complete all the contracts and legal procedures.”

Paul was shocked when he heard this.

He had heard of Weaver P************l before. Although this company was not on the list of the top five hundred companies in the country, it was, at the very least, a large company with a market value of several billion dollars. Was Charlie going to acquire eighty percent of the company’s shares?

So, he asked Charlie, “Master Wade, what is the purchase price for eighty percent of the shares?”

Charlie replied faintly, “I do not need to spend any money to acquire eighty percent of the shares. I am simply providing them with some prescriptions.”

“Ahh? It will not cost you a single cent but you are only going to provide them with prescriptions?” Paul felt incredulous. After all, this was a billion-dollar p************l company. Charlie was not giving the other party a single cent, and yet, he was taking away eighty percent of the company shares simply by giving them some prescriptions. This was simply too incredible! What kind of prescription would actually be so valuable?

“Yes.” Charlie nodded and said, “Trust me. My prescriptions are even more valuable than their p************l factory.”


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