The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1179

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1179 – Donald had mixed feelings when he heard his son’s question.

Not too long ago, he felt that it was the Moore family’s glory that his son was actually interested in Jasmine.

But now, he knew very well in his heart that Jasmine would never be interested in his son at all.

The current Webb family had not only shrunk tremendously, but most importantly, their reputation had already been completely ruined.

Moreover, even The Eight Heavenly Kings had already died on Mount Golim for unknown reasons. So, how could the Webb family even be compared to the Moore family now?

Therefore, Donald did not even have a single shred of hope of getting Jasmine to become his daughter-in-law.

However, it was really a pity that it seems as though his son did not have any self-knowledge and he did not know his own limitations at all.

Jasmine had not even been interested in him when the Webb family was in its heyday, let alone now.

As he thought about Sean, he felt that his son not only had no self-knowledge, but he also lacked control and understanding of the situation.

It seemed as though Lord Webb was right. The Webb family was truly getting more and more inferior from one generation to the other.

The Webb family had already shrunk by half in his own hands. If he was going to pass the Webb family down to his son in the future, the Webb family would probably become a third-rate family.

Thus, he told Sean, “It is not time to deal with love affairs now. We have to find a way to help the Webb family tide through this tough and difficult situation first. As soon as we relieve the situation of the Webb family, only then can we continue discussing the matter of marriage with the Moore family.”

Sean nodded slightly as he sighed and said, “If we could be bound to the Moore family, our lives would definitely be much better.”

Donald sighed as he felt that his son really had very wonderful and simple thoughts.

Jasmine was not even interested in him when their family was doing well. So, how could she possibly be interested in him now that their family was in trouble?

However, he did not tell his son what he was truly thinking. This was because he did not want to continue undermining his son’s confidence and enthusiasm since the Webb family was already in this state.

In fact, this was the reason why Donald could never be compared to Lord Webb.

In other words, this was the main reason why the next generation of the Webb family was getting weaker.

When Lord Webb entered the world in the past, he had had to face everything himself and deal with everything all on his own.

However, after working hard and building a career for himself, he began to feel sorry for his son, and he felt that there was no need for his son to taste a lot of unnecessary sufferings. After all, he had already laid out a strong foundation for him, so there was no reason for him to suffer any hardships at all.

The point was that the reason why the older generations were so awesome when they started their own businesses was because they were all very good at enduring hardships.

People like Lord Webb had really suffered a lot of hardships in the past to provide for his family and feed himself.

This was the only way to truly develop a person’s real abilities.

It was a pity that Donald did not have the opportunity to go through this kind of test during his time.

When it came to Sean’s generation, he did not have to endure any hardships at all.

Charlie continued leading a peaceful life after he came back.

However, he kept thinking about doing a good job in the p************l business. Therefore, he called Matilda’s son, Paul, and Paul accompanied him to make a trip to Weaver P************l.

Weaver P************l was one of the top proprietary p************l companies in the South Region. It had also developed many original Chinese proprietary medications that were selling very well throughout the country.

However, in recent years, proprietary Chinese m********n had gradually declined across the country, and m********n represented by countries such as Japan and South Korea had become even more and more mainstream.

Whether it was a Chinese patented m********n or any other m********n, the core of these medications were all left behind by their ancestors.

Charlie had many very powerful prescriptions in his hand. However, if he suddenly revealed all of these prescriptions, he would be causing a major earthquake. Therefore, he was not prepared to shock the world. He was simply going to come up with some classic prescriptions to deal with the more common diseases so that he could let Weaver P************l market it as one of its best selling d***s.


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