The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1163

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1163 – When Charlie boarded the plane and was on his way back to Aurous Hill from Mount Golim, the entire Webb family was in total chaos.

The Eight Heavenly Kings had rushed to Mount Golim overnight for a sole mission—that was, to rescue the Weavers—but they had lost contact immediately after arriving at the scene.

Donald called them over and over again until his battery nearly ran out but he still couldn’t contact any of them.

At this moment, his phone rang—there was an incoming call!

The call was from the man who had escaped from Mount Golim last night.

He was still hiding in the city of Mount Golim. He was planning to wait until The Eight Heavenly Kings had completed their mission and returned to Southaven with them, yet what awaited him was terribly bad news instead!

Just now, the local TV station of Mount Golim was broadcasting emergency news. The news reported that an avalanche had occurred at the foot of Mount Golim, causing tens of thousands of tons of snow to slide down the mountain and buried the road into the mountain as well as two cars and eight people.

When the local rescuers went to search for surviving victims, they recovered eight deformed bodies from the snow using large-scale rescue equipment.

The man immediately thought of The Eight Heavenly Kings when he saw the news because he was certain that The Eight Heavenly Kings had arrived with two off-road vehicles when they rushed there at midnight.

Mount Golim could be regarded as a partial ghost town, as only a few impoverished local residents who could not afford vehicles at all resided here. Moreover, it was not a tourist attraction, so tourists rarely traveled to this part of the mountain and there were basically no cars on the road. The locals used horse-drawn carriages to travel to the city from their villages, so he was almost certain that the eight men who p******d in the avalanche were The Eight Heavenly Kings!

Sensing the urgency, he immediately contacted Donald and broke the news.

Donald was so dumbfounded when he heard the news. He froze as if he was struck by lightning!

It took him a long time to regain his composure from the shock. Then, very slowly, he turned to look at his anxious father on the bed and said, his voice shaky, “Father, my guy just told me that there was an avalanche at the foot of the mountain. The avalanche swept two vehicles and eight men under the snow and all eight men had died. It is very likely that the victims are The Eight Heavenly Kings…”

Lord Webb instantly s****d in a shocking breath that caused him to cough several times. He felt as if his heart was struck by a heavy hammer. He shivered and blurted out, “No, impossible! How could the Eight Heavenly Kings d*e in an avalanche?! They’re all super-warriors!”

Donald sighed and suggested, “I’ll ask my guy to go over and identify the corpses to see if it’s them, alright?”

Lord Webb was still in a daze, regardless, he nodded and mumbled, “Okay then, go and take a look.”

When Claire woke up in the morning, she felt a little surprised and odd when she didn’t see Charlie in the room.

She tried calling him but was even more surprised when she couldn’t get through to him.

After more than three years of marriage, Charlie had never disappeared unexpectedly.

Previously, when she didn’t see him in the morning, he was either at the market or making breakfast.

But now, she suddenly couldn’t get in touch with him.


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