The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1162

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1162 – The Webb family assumed that it was about time for The Eight Heavenly Kings to get the Weavers, so they didn’t dare to bother them too much.

Lord Webb checked the time when almost an hour had passed. The Eight Heavenly Kings were very skillful and capable, and one hour should be enough for them to k**l everyone there and rescue the Weavers, so he urged, “Donald, call Mr. Flores and ask for their updates.”

“Okay!” Donald nodded immediately and took out his phone to call Duran. The phone rang for a while but no one answered the call.

Donald said curiously, “Dad, no one’s answering. Maybe they are still undertaking the mission?”

Lord Webb nodded. “Yes, it is possible. Let’s wait for a while then.”

Ten minutes later, Lord Webb said again, “Donald, call Mr. Flores again!”

Donald did as he was told, but no one answered the call.

Lord Webb frowned skeptically. “Something isn’t right. It wouldn’t take them so long to execute the mission. It’s just a bunch of lowly bodyguards, so that shouldn’t be a big problem for Mr. Flores and The Eight Heavenly Kings. I still remember that when I was fighting for power and had barged into an enemy’s fortress, it only took Mr. Flores a short time to k**l two dozens enemies. His skills and capabilities are totally unimaginable.”

Donald said resoundingly, “Father, don’t worry, Mount Golim is quite treacherous. The weather is unpredictably cold and it is isolated from civilization, so maybe they stumbled upon some minor problems.”

Lord Webb nodded lightly. “You’re right. Let’s wait for a while longer!”

Ten minutes later, Lord Webb urged again, “Donald, call them!”

Donald did as he told, but it was the same—the call went unanswered.

Lord Webb started to feel a little anxious now, thinking that there must be something wrong somewhere. Hence, he urged Donald to call Duran over and over again.

Donald couldn’t get through to Duran on the phone, so Lord Webb urged Donald to call the other members of The Eight Heavenly Kings, but it was the same—he couldn’t get through to any of them.

To be precise, the calls were connected but no one answered.

It made the Webb family feel a chill down their spines when they could not reach The Eight Heavenly Kings after an hour.

How could the Eight Heavenly Kings disappear all at once? It was absurd!

Even if they had stumbled upon extraordinarily strong opponents, it was impossible that not one of them could escape.

After all, among the sixteen men that were sent to Mount Golim a few hours before them, one of them managed to escape.

These men were ordinary hitmen who were better with guns than fists, but they weren’t top-notch martial arts masters at all.

It was impossible that super-warriors like The Eight Heavenly Kings couldn’t escape from Mount Golim, right?

Lord Webb’s heart was thumping violently, his breathing becoming abnormally rapid.

He grasped Donald’s hands, his face as pale as a sheet of paper, and mumbled, “No, something isn’t right.”

Donald tried to offer some words of comfort. “Father, please calm down. Let’s wait for a while!”

Lord Webb said in an earnest tone, “Mr. Flores has worked for me for so many years. This sort of thing has never happened before, so I think something must be wrong somewhere. In fact, I suspect that it must be bad news! They’ve probably p******d!”


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