The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1160

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Charlie waved to the eight people and smiled. “As your leader can no longer move, I have to ask the rest of you to move closer to him. If you wish to d*e together, you might as well hug each other before you d*e, but if you don’t, you can spread out further apart. I’ll give you one minute to prepare for your final minute of this life.”

The Eight Heavenly Kings sighed in despair upon hearing Charlie’s so-called announcement, but they were somewhat glad that they would not be alone as they walked towards the light later.

Hence, Hades, the first person who had suffered a devastating blow from Charlie, struggled to stand up, dragged his injured body towards Duran, and sat next to him.

The moment he sat down, he wept bitterly and said, “Brother, if I had known this would be our ending, I wouldn’t have stepped into this circle…”

The rest of them crawled over to Duran with great effort.

The eight of them hugged each other tightly. They had already forgiven Duran, who had planned to escape by himself, because they knew that, except for that exact moment earlier, their leader had been taking great care of them for so many years.

More importantly, since the eight of them were going to d*e together today, they would let bygones be bygones.

Charlie nodded with a smile as he watched the eight men hugging each other, and said with a cold voice, “Today, I’ll let the eight of you witness the true miracle before you d*e!”

Then, he held the Thunder Order with one hand and pointed it to the sky!

Everyone gaped in awe and astonishment as they watched the Thunder Order glow with a faint blue light!

Charlie shouted at the top of his lungs, “Thunder! Come!!!”

In the blink of an eye, the bright and starry night sky suddenly became cloudy with overcast and thick clouds!

Bolts of thunder and lightning that only occurred in summer suddenly rumbled loudly in the freezing night!

Duran and the rest shuddered in extreme shock!

What kind of magical sorcery was this?! How could he possibly summon thunder with one hand?!

Abruptly, a blinding bolt of thunder struck the earth with a loud bang!

Duran mustered all the strength in his body and shouted, “He can summon thunder! He is a g*d! He is a g*d!”

As soon as he finished, the enormous thunderbolt struck the thick snow that was above the mountain road with a loud cracking sound!

Immediately afterward, tonnes and tonnes of thick snow rumbled down the hillside, producing a scary and ear-deafening roar!

It was an avalanche!

The avalanche was coming straight to Charlie and The Eight Heavenly Kings!

The Eight Heavenly Kings almost fainted from all the bizarre sights. Isaac, Don Albert, and Liam yelled in h****r, “Master Wade! Watch out!”

Charlie smiled lightly and said, his voice distinct and resounding, “Listen, everyone. I’m Charlie Wade, the True Dragon! Today, I’ll cleanse your filthy minds and souls with the purest elements from heaven and earth! Be reborn as a good person in your next life!”

The gargantuan pile of snow crashed down from the mountain as soon as his voice fell, instantly engulfing him, The Eight Heavenly Kings, and the two vehicles!

Isaac and the rest could only watch in great h****r as the avalanche swept the mountainside and rushed to the valley in a blink of an eye. They looked towards where Charlie was standing earlier after the avalanche subsided.

There was no road anymore! There was nothing but piles and piles of white snow!

The two vehicles and all the people had completely vanished!

At this moment, the thick overcast that Charlie summoned had dispersed, replaced by the whitish hue that painted the sky!

It was dawn!

The three men yelled in panic, “Master Wade! Master Wade!”

Just as dawn broke in the sky and the golden morning sunlight was spilling over the earth, the three of them suddenly saw a man emerge from the snowdrift, his body reflecting shiny golden light!

The man was standing tall and charming, walking as light and buoyant as if he was walking on clouds. He wore a firm, confident, g*d-like expression!

It was Master Wade!


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