The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1152

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1152 – As he ended his sentence, his legs moved as swiftly as the wind. On the spur of the moment, he was already closing in on Charlie. His fist, which was bigger than a bowl, was already raised in front of him!

With years of intense training and a lifetime of cultivation, all his blood and sweat was used to pave the way for his supreme pair of fists. With a single punch, he could destroy rocks which were a few meters thick. Not just any normal human being could take his punches and live to tell the tale.

As for Charlie, he had already seen through his fighting style with a single glance.

It was nothing but fist throwing. Although his fist was hardened, it was still just recklessly throwing punches. Compared to Charlie, he was nothing but a gecko on a tree.

Therefore, he just stood there and didn’t even bother dodging nor avoiding the fists. He was just taking the Iron Fist head on with a despicable smile on his face.

Hades was baffled by his absurdity. To look down upon him so much! Hades had already rushed forward and stood in front of him, ready to fire his bombardment of punches at him, yet Charlie seemed to be unafraid and unfazed!

This was beyond underestimating.

Since Charlie was so arrogant, Hades was going to show Charlie the price of underestimating his opponent!

In a split second, his forward movement had closed the gap between them and his Iron Fist came crashing down on Charlie’s head!

Duran smiled while mumbling, “Eighth Bro is indeed lucky being able to fight such an easy fight! I believe Lord Webb will reward him generously!”

The other brothers were all looking at Hades with envy.

In their eyes, Eighth Brother was presented this chance by their big bro. This Charlie Wade was such a doofus. If it were them, they could k**l him with one strike too.

Isaac, Don Albert, and Liam who were hiding in the shadows began to sweat profusely. Why wasn’t Charlie dodging? They couldn’t seem to grasp his intentions.

Charlie was the only one among them who seemed to understand that his opponent Hades’s power was nothing to be afraid of, thus not finding the need to avoid such a feeble attempt of an a****k.

The gust of wind that was generated by Hades’s punch blew past Charlie’s face. What followed was the hardened fist that was closing in on his face!

It was during the moment where Hades thought he had k****d him when Charlie moved one of his hands forward. With his eyes staring at the weak looking fist, he gently pressed his fist against Hades’s Iron Fist.

In the next moment, Hades felt as if his fist had been bombarded by a cannon! Everything happened so fast, and soon, he felt a jolt of pain climbing up his arm and the sound of bones cracking could be heard.

Charlie’s gentle fist didn’t just parry Hades’ iron fist—the impact from their exchange had actually shattered Hades’ entire right arm!

With a loud boom, the impact sent Hades flying into the air. The sound that followed was the sound of Hades landing into the icy cold snow capped ground.

His seven brothers stared in disbelief. All they could see was his destroyed right arm. The flesh around the arms were splattered as if it had been bombarded by canons and turned into minced meat.

He was the legendary Hades of the Iron Fist!

His fists were supposed to be so strong that it could shatter granite! Any human being’s body would have turned into mush in a single punch.

On the contrary, why was it that Charlie’s punch seemed to make his Iron Fist look like tofu?

A single punch from Charlie and the fight came to an end. Which one among the two was the real Iron Fist user?!


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