The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1142

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1142 – Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “If we solved everything by simply k*****g the person, then the Webb family would have already been d**d a long time ago. Some people deserve to d*e and they must be k****d as soon as possible—for instance, those people from the Beggar Clan. However, it would simply be too boring if we were to k**l some people.”

After Charlie was done speaking, he smiled and said, “Why don’t you think about Ichiro, who is still staying at your dog farm? I could’ve k****d him a long time ago but why am I keeping him alive? This is because I think it’s even more fun and interesting for him to be living. There are more possibilities when he’s alive. I’ll miss out on a lot of fun if he dies, and the same goes for the Webb family and the Weaver family too.”

In Charlie’s heart, everything in this world complemented each other and also mutually reinforced and counteracted one another.

The reason why he was keeping Ichiro alive was so Ichiro could reinforce and counteract his brother, Jiro.

The reason why he was keeping the father and son from the Weaver family alive was so they could reinforce and counteract each other.

If Ichiro was really d**d, then he would be losing the best bargaining chip and it would be difficult for Charlie to maintain a check and balance on Jiro and Kobayashi Pharma.

Xionam became rebellious in the future, then he would be able to use the father and son from the Weaver family to counter him and keep him in check.

This was the technique used by kings in the olden times.

A wise ruler would never truly believe in a treacherous traitor, but he would also never completely favor a loyal servant.

However, a country could never be without a traitor because they would have to complement and counterbalance the loyal servants.

If there were no treacherous traitors around to keep the loyal servant in check, then the loyal servant would become increasingly arrogant and ignorant, and he might gradually become a treacherous traitor.

This was the reason why Charlie needed to keep different people alive to serve as a check and balance for one another.

The Wade family was a top notch big family after all. The descendants of the Wade family had learned from the Four Books and the Five Classics from a very young age. They had read ancient history and studied the techniques of the monarch. These methods and techniques had already been embedded deep in their hearts and souls.

Therefore, Charlie replied shakily, “If I k**l Jordan and his son, then this would only mean that I’m afraid of the Webb family. That would be a sign of weakness and I’ll never show any weakness.”

After that, Charlie said lightly, “If I’m right, the Webb family has probably dispatched The Eight Heavenly Kings and they should probably be making their way to Mount Golim now.”

“What?” Both Don Albert and Liam were dumbfounded.

Liam said in surprise, “They shouldn’t be that quick. After all, they’ve just lost fifteen men tonight. They’d have to go back and rest for a while before making a comeback.”

“No!” Charlie replied confidently. “If Donald could mobilize the top warriors, he would have done so a long time ago. Therefore, I am guessing that the person who can really mobilize and dispatch the top warriors is the old man of the Webb family!”

“The older generation of entrepreneurs are still very powerful. Lord Webb started from scratch and his ability, courage, and insight is definitely much better than an ordinary man’s. If he is in charge of everything, then this can only mean that his strategies and plans would be much better than Donald’s. He’ll definitely launch a surprise a****k when you think that it is least possible for him to do so just so he can give you a f***l blow.”

After that, Charlie smiled indifferently as he said, “The most unlikely time for him to launch an a****k is immediately after a failure. Everyone would definitely think that he’ll retreat and rest but instead, he’ll want to catch his opponent by surprise.”

Don Albert exclaimed, “Master Wade, what should we do now? Should we send more men up to Mount Golim tonight?”

Charlie waved his hand and replied calmly, “If the opponent is dispatching his top warriors, then it wouldn’t be enough for us to send more men over there. We’ll only be sending them there to d*e.”

Don Albert was shocked and he asked, “Master Wade, what should we do then?”

Charlie replied lightly, “You don’t have to worry about this. I have my own plans and arrangements for this matter. After all, it will take them some time to fly from Southaven to Mount Golim. We still have enough time to prepare!”

When Liam heard Charlie’s words, there was a hint of joy in his eyes. He felt as though a heavy load had been lifted off his shoulder.

He said gratefully, “It seems as though Master Wade already has a well-thought-out plan. I’d like to thank Master Wade now!”

The person who feared the return of the father and son from the Weaver family was none other than Liam.

It was so difficult for him to finally take over Weaver Pharmaceuticals. He did not want to give it up and hand it back to them in the blink of an eye!


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