The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1140

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1140 – “Okay.” It was only at this time that Lord Webb finally nodded his head. “Then, I’ll send The Eight Heavenly Kings up to Mount Golim tonight. Get the private jet ready.”

Donald asked in surprise, “Dad, do we need to be so anxious?”

Lord Webb replied earnestly, “You’ve just lost fifteen of your men’s lives tonight. The enemy will definitely think that you wouldn’t dare to come back for a short period of time. We should send The Eight Heavenly Kings over there tonight so they can appear in front of the enemy early in the morning tomorrow. This way, the enemy will definitely be caught off guard!”

Donald nodded as he was being educated.

He felt a little inferior and ashamed of himself at this time because he felt that his abilities were really too far behind his old man’s.

The old man was indeed the one who could really make plans and strategies to win the battle from a thousand miles away.

After that, Donald immediately called and arranged for the private jet to prepare to take off. After about an hour, the private jet will take off directly from Southaven and fly all the way to Mount Golim.

At this time, Lord Webb also called one of The Eight Heavenly Kings to his bedside.

This person was already more than sixty years old this year. However, since he has been practicing his fighting skills all year round, he looked like he was just about forty years old.

Lord Webb met him when he was young and the other party had already been assisting him for many years. Lord Webb also treated the other party like a valuable guest and he was very respectful toward him.

It could be said that the two of them weren’t only masters and servants, but they were also brothers and friends. They both valued and respected each other very much.

After Lord Webb gave his instructions, the other party slammed his fists together before he said coldly, “Lord Webb, you can rest assured that I’ll bring my men there this time and I’ll definitely bring the two men back to Southaven. I’ll also make sure to k**l all the men that the other party has placed at the foot of Mount Golim before I leave that place!”

“Okay!” Lord Webb suddenly felt that he had finally recovered a bit of his vitality. He smiled lightly as he said, “Then I’ll be waiting in Southaven to hold a feast in honor of your safe return!”

After that, Lord Webb gave Donald an order in a stern voice, “Donald, I want you to go to Newport immediately and buy their oldest locally-produced red wine of the finest quality! Buy as much as there is available for purchase so we can prepare to hold a feast to welcome The Eight Heavenly Kings’s safe return!”

Duran Flores, the leader of The Eight Heavenly Kings, clasped his hands together as he said, “I’m really grateful that Lord Webb still remembers my favorite wine even after so many years!”

Lord Webb hurriedly replied, “Sir, you don’t have to be so polite with me. You’re the guardian of the Webb family and you’re also the secret weapon of the Webb family. I’d never violate my promise in the past and I’ll respect you as a gentleman for the rest of my life!”

Very soon, the private jet arranged by Donald was already ready for takeoff at Southaven Airport.

Duran brought the other members of The Eight Heavenly Kings with him as they took a Toyota Coaster to Southaven Airport.

The other members of The Eight Heavenly Kings were Duran’s juniors. The eight of them had met Donald’s father when they came down from the mountain. Donald’s father had given them an excellent life and also very generous rewards. That was the reason why they willingly chose to follow and stay by Donald’s father’s side.

At this time, The Eight Heavenly Kings were all wearing light clothing with a pair of handmade mullet-sole cloth shoes and they looked like they were all going to a warm place for a vacation.

In fact, they were all going to Mount Golim, which was dozens of degrees below zero degrees.

However, the right of them had very deep internal skills and extraordinary strength. Therefore, the cold was no longer a threat to them a long time ago. Even if they were dressed so lightly, they would not have any problems going to Mount Golim at all.

Duran kept his eyes closed and he rested his mind on the way there. When they were about to arrive at the airport, he opened his eyes before he said to his juniors: “We’ll go to Mount Golim first. We can only succeed and we aren’t allowed to fail. We’re not only going to rescue the father and son from the Weaver family, but we’re also going to k**l all of our opponents. Make sure that you get ready and prepare yourselves for battle after getting on the plane later. This time, I’m waiting to slaughter a lot of people on Mount Golim!”


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