The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1135

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1135 – The last time when someone came to rescue the father and son from the Weaver family, they had been dealt with and handled before they could even get close to the Weaver family’s house.

So, the father and son from the Weaver family did not know about this at all.

At this moment, the Webb family from Southaven was actually here to rescue them!

Both of them were very excited and they immediately followed the group of people to the car so they could go back to Aurous Hill.

As they were heading to the entrance of the village, Jordan could not help but ask the man dressed in black next to him, “Brother, we don’t have any friendships or connections with the Webb family from Southaven. Why is the Webb family trying to rescue us?”

The man replied coldly, “It seems that our chairman has the same common enemy as you do.”

“A common enemy? Jordan exclaimed as he asked, “Who is it?”

The man gritted his teeth before he said, “Charlie Wade!”

Jordan and Jeffrey suddenly shuddered.

It turned out that the b*****d, Charlie, had also provoked the Webb family from Southaven!

That was the top and most influential family in the South Region!

Now that he had already provoked them, it seemed as though it would not be long before Charlie’s d***h!

However, both of them felt very thankful that Charlie had provoked the Webb family, for it was the reason why the Webb family had actually sent people to rescue both of them father and son from this godforsaken place.

The father and son were both extremely excited.

The group of people arrived at the entrance of the village. Several off-road vehicles were parked here and these vehicles were all still running. The engines were not turned off as though they were waiting to evacuate as soon as possible.

As the crowd of people were about to get into the car, they suddenly heard a loud bang in the snowfield.

Immediately afterwards, a man dressed in black, who was standing next to the father and son of the Weaver family, suddenly fell to the ground after the gunshot.

After that, there were gunshots all around!

The men sent by the Webb family hurriedly took out their pistols as they began to fight back fiercely against their opponent.

Gunshots and wailing were heard everywhere!

This place was located at the foot of Mount Golim and it was far away from the city. The night here had always been very dark and peaceful.

Therefore, there were sparks of flames flying here and there after the loud gunshots were fired one after the other. This was particularly terrifying!

When had such a big battle ever happened in this peaceful village?

When the villagers heard the gunshots, they did not even dare to step out of their houses at all. The dog in the village was also barking at this time.

And in this carnage scene, people were getting shot and falling to the ground continuously!

Donald’s men hurriedly shouted, “Hurry up and evacuate! Everyone, get in the car quickly! We’re getting ambushed!”

As soon as the voice fell, the bullets coming from the dark started flying toward the off-road vehicles!

The gun battle continued and both sides of the battle suffered injuries.

However, the Webb family’s men were at a disadvantage as they were out in the light whereas their opponents were hiding in the dark.

The father and son from the Weaver family were just lying down on the snowfield at this point. Both of them felt extremely flustered when they saw more and more of the Webb family’s men falling to the ground.

Based on this situation, this group would not be able to hold out much longer.

A few minutes later, almost all of the men sent by the Webb family had already been k****d. Only one driver managed to drive away in a state of panic, while everyone else was left behind at the foot of Mount Golim.


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