The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1133

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1133 – The father and son from the Weaver family were both dreaming of turning their lives around. Suddenly, a violent cold wind suddenly blew swiftly across Mount Golim, making them shiver from the cold.

Jordan sighed as he said, “The wind at this place is really too harsh. A gust of wind makes my whole body tremble and shiver from the cold. Let’s leave now.”

“Okay!” Jeffrey had also felt the cold air that pierced his bones. He quickly shrank his neck as he stood up and patted the snow off his butt. After that, he stretched out his hand to help his father up.

In fact, during this period of time when the father and son had to live together on Mount Golim, their relationship had really improved a lot.

In the past, although Jordan had always preferred his eldest son, he was a very selfish person and it was very difficult for him to really treat another person well.

Therefore, he treated Jeffrey in just a very ordinary manner even though it was better than how he had treated Liam.

Jeffrey had always been a rich heir who was a good-for-nothing. All he thought about every day was to fool around with women and he wasn’t very close to his father.

This was mainly because Jeffrey often heard his mother ranting about his father and saying that his father did not care about his own family, and that he was raising women everywhere outside of his family ever since he was young.

This made Jeffrey feel very dissatisfied with his father ever since he was a child.

However, after arriving at Mount Golim, the father and son had no choice but to work together to survive. This also allowed them to let go of their individual prejudices and they became even more dependent on each other.

Everyone knew that they could not afford to lose the other person in an environment like this.

If they lost the other person, then the remaining person would definitely not have the courage or ability to continue living anymore.

After arriving at the foot of the mountain, the father and son walked towards the scattered rays of light in the distance.

The place which was brightly lit was the village where they lived. It was a walking distance of about three to four miles from the foot of the mountain.

As the father and son were walking, Jeffrey said, “Dad, the hunter, Mr. Lange, from the village hunted a roe deer from the mountain yesterday. I heard that roe deer meat is really delicious. Do you want to stop by his house later? We can try and ask him for two catties of roe deer meat!”

“You want to ask him for meat?” Jordan sighed as he said, “That guy with the last name Lange is very stingy. When he had hunted a big wild boar that weighed more than five hundred catties the last time, I asked him if he could give me a piece of pig’s intestines but he refused to give it to me. He wanted me to pay him for it.”

As he spoke, Jordan continued scolding, “Do you know what the hunter Mr. Lange’s full name is?”

Jeffrey shook his head and said, “How would I know what his name is? I simply know that his last name is Lange.”

Jordan spat on the ground before he replied contemptuously, “He is a hunter who doesn’t even know how to write difficult words, but his name is Williamson Lange. I even asked him if he knew how to write his own name. Guess what he said then?”

Jeffrey asked curiously, “What did he say?”

Jordan hummed before he said, “He told me that he knew how to write his last name, Lange, but he doesn’t even know how to write his first name, Williamson.”

Jeffrey smiled before he said, “Well, you should’ve offered to teach him how to write his own name so we can have two catties of meat in return as the tuition fee.”

Jordan replied, “You’re even thinking of asking him for meat? He won’t even give you pigskin if you asked for it.”

Jeffrey replied, “Since it is so cold now and since it is dozens of degrees below zero degrees now, I think he would’ve already cut up the roe deer by now. The meat should be hanging out in his yard to be frozen now. When we go back later, we can just jump over his wall and steal a piece of meat, and we can then go back and cook it ourselves. We can regard this as supplementing our nutrition then.”

Upon hearing this, Jordan hurriedly said, “Then you’d better hurry up and hide a piece of ginseng that we dug up today. Don’t give it all to them. We can use this ginseng to stew the roe deer meat tomorrow. It would definitely be a great supplement then!”

“Okay! You can count on me!”

After he was done speaking, Jeffrey took out a piece of ginseng before he stuffed it into his underwear.

As soon as the frozen ginseng went into his underwear, Jeffrey couldn’t help but yell because it was icy cold.

Jordan looked at him in disgust as he said, “How could you put it there? How the h**l am I supposed to eat it now?”

Jeffrey replied, “It’s fine. We can just wash it a few more times. If I don’t hide it there, then there’s nowhere else for me to hide it. After all, don’t you know that they’re going to search our bodies?”

“Okay then!” Jordan replied helplessly. “Then we’ll have to wash it a few more times once we reach home. It would be even better if we can just blanch it in hot water.”

Jeffrey waved his hand before he said, “Oh, Dad, don’t you know? If you blanch ginseng in hot water, all its nutrients will be gone and the nutrients will just remain in the water then.”


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