The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1128

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1128 – Everyone could understand the root cause of their big fight in the hospital because of Christopher’s swear words.

It turned out that Hannah was pregnant!

Moreover, the person who had impregnated her with the baby was not Christopher!

When Elaine saw this, she could not help but burst out in laughter. “Hahaha! I’m really going to d*e from laughter. It turns out that Hannah is actually pregnant with someone else’s child! Hahaha!”

Jacob could not help but exclaim in shock. “This woman is really too shameless. She committed adultery with another man and she still has the gall to come back even after getting pregnant with another man’s child?”

Elaine laughed as she said, “Lady Wilson must be fuming with anger now. Didn’t she always think that her eldest daughter-in-law is the best? Isn’t it great this time? Her daughter-in-law has really made her proud this time!”

Claire replied awkwardly, “This is such a big matter. Then, I guess that Uncle is definitely going to divorce Aunt, isn’t he?”

“If they aren’t going to get divorced, then do you think that he is going to wait for her to give birth?” Jacob was also a man and although he could not get along with his brother, he could understand the kind of despair that he must be feeling at this time.

In his opinion, it was necessary to divorce and chase a woman like Hannah, who was unfaithful and had misbehaved, out of the house.

Charlie could not help but secretly criticize Hannah. He presumed that Hannah had probably gotten pregnant at the coal mine. Unexpectedly, this old woman was still enjoying herself and having an affair behind her husband’s back at the coal mine.

However, he did not rule out the possibility that she had been forced to do so.

At this time, Elaine’s friend sent her another voice note: “Elaine, is the video exciting?”

Elaine laughed as she said: “Exciting! The video is simply too exciting! It makes me feel so refreshed.”

Her friend smiled as she said: “I’ve just received another video which is even more exciting!”

Elaine hurriedly said: “Send it to me! Send it to me!”

Immediately afterwards, Elaine received another video on her WeChat.

After clicking into the video, Elaine realized that Lady Wilson was trying to persuade Christopher to make up with Hannah!

Elaine was stunned when she saw this.

She could not understand it at all. How could a person like the Lady, who loved her own face and reputation so much, actually allow Hannah to continue staying in the Wilson family when she was pregnant with another man’s child?

The content that followed was even more shocking!

This was how the Lady was persuading them.

She said that although Hannah had made a cuckold out of Christopher, Christopher had also pushed his daughter into the arms of a man who was even older than him just for the sake of five million dollars!

Everyone had their own faults in the family and they should not be blaming one another.

This was simply subverting the perception of an ordinary person!

This was not only a subversive understanding of the relationship between Christopher and Hannah, but there was an even more shocking piece of news.

It turned out that the mother was not the only one who had cheated on her husband with another man, but the father also sold his own daughter to a man who was older than him…

The people were shocked and they could only criticize the family on the Internet. They said: “This family is simply the family with the most subversive views that we’ve ever seen. There isn’t a single good person in this family and they’re all extremely shameless and impudent! This family really proves that people with the same traits belong together!”

The Wilson family, who had just suffered from food p*******g and had a big fight among themselves, did not know that they were now famous in Aurous Hill!


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