The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1126

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1126 – After that, she looked at Christopher as she said coldly, “Christopher, you’re feeling very upset because you think that Hannah has made a cuckold out of you. However, have you ever thought about the fact that you had both actually personally sent Wendy into Kenneth Wilson’s arms just because of five million dollars?”

Everyone lowered their heads as soon as they heard this.

Wendy felt very ashamed and humiliated but she did not dare to refute the Lady’s words.

Christopher’s face was even more flushed red.

Yes. The Lady was right.

He was very furious and he felt that Hannah had insulted and humiliated him because she made a cuckold out of him. However, as a father, he had once sent his daughter into the arms of an old man who was even one year older than him.

When Lady Wilson saw that everyone was too afraid to say anything, she said coldly, “Now, we all have our own faults and we’re all guilty of something too. So, we shouldn’t despise or blame each other. Instead, I want all of us to be united and to work hard together to revive Wilson Group. Do you understand me?”

Everyone hurriedly replied, “Understood!”

After that, Lady Wilson continued speaking, “Also, no one else is allowed to mention this matter again in the future. Otherwise, I’ll personally chase you out of the Wilson family to deter anyone else from committing the same mistake too!”

Christopher and the others had a solemn expression on their faces. Everyone knew that Lady Wilson wasn’t joking. Moreover, they knew that it would be impossible for them to publicize such scandals.

Hannah’s matter could be regarded as coming to a complete end.

The anger within Christopher had alleviated a lot and the Lady’s words seemed to have done the trick.

So, the family of five continued lying back down on their hospital beds. When he saw that the farce had already ended, the doctor immediately came over to give them an infusion to neutralize the narcissus in their bodies.

At this time, Christopher suddenly felt an intolerable itch on his crotch. He put his hand under his quilt before he started scratching it quietly. Unexpectedly, the itching worsened instead.

However, he simply thought that it was a symptom of food p*******g and he did not care too much about it.

At this time, at the villa at Thompson First, Charlie’s family had just finished eating.

Two middle-aged men dressed in a suit knocked on the door before they spoke to Charlie respectfully, “Hello, sir. We are from the Thompson First Property Management Company. A group food p*******g incident had occurred in our villa community at Villa A04 earlier and a family of five was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Therefore, the reason we are here today is to specially remind all the owners to pay close attention to your food hygiene and safety. Make sure that you place close attention to this.”

Before Charlie could say anything, his mother-in-law, Elaine, had already approached them cautiously as she asked, “The five members of Villa A04 were all taken away in an ambulance? What happened to them?”

One of the men dressed in a suit said respectfully, “Hello, madam. The family of five at Villa A04 suffered from food p*******g and they have already been taken to the hospital. If I may ask, does your family eat any wild animals, vegetables, or mushrooms?”

Elaine smiled before she said, “Oh, our family does not eat that kind of food, unlike the poor family living in Villa A04. They are so poor that they had even secretly come over to other people’s houses to steal food!”

The person from the property management company could only smile awkwardly as he said, “We just want to remind you to pay more attention to this matter. Since you have this awareness and prevention, then that would be best!”

After the two men from the property management company left, Elaine smiled before she said, “Oh! The evil doers really do get their just retribution! I’d already said that the Wilson family does not have the luck to live in Thompson First! Sure enough, something has gone wrong! Hahaha! There is really poetic justice!”

Claire asked curiously, “Mom, what happened?”

Elaine smiled before she said, “Your grandma and her family suffered from food p*******g and they were all taken away in an ambulance. Hahaha! They really deserve it!”

“Food p*******g?” Claire asked in surprise, “How can they suffer from food p*******g? Didn’t they steal our vegetables? We’re all fine.”

Jacob also asked in surprise, “Did they eat some spoiled meat?”

Charlie replied lightly, “I guess that they must have eaten the daffodils that I planted.”


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