The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1120

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1120 – Moreover, Lady Wilson was a conservative and old-fashioned elder. In her opinion, a woman as shameless and unruly as Hannah should be punished by d***h as a lesson to others.

Seeing the shocking scene as Christopher and Lady Wilson beat Hannah violently, the doctor shrieked in shock and shouted, “Hey, stop! Stop right this instant! I’ll call the police!”

Neither of them felt threatened by the doctor’s warning and continued beating Hannah, thus, the doctor turned to Harold and Wendy and blurted, “Don’t just stand there, do something! Are you really going to just stand there and watch your mother get beaten?”

Both Harold and Wendy watched the scene coldly, there was even a trace of resentment in their eyes.

Under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t let such an absurd scene happen. They would come forward and mediate the situation when there was a conflict between their parents.

But this time, the situation was too bizarre and outrageous.

They were embarrassed and humiliated by the fact that their mother had come home with a baby after disappearing for such a long time.

Children nowadays were mostly selfish beings who only thought of themselves when it came to a difficult situation like this.

It was often reported on the news that when some older parents were pregnant and wanted to give birth to the baby, their adult children refused to grant their wish and opposed their parents’ decision through and through.

Wendy and Harold were that kind of selfish children. They didn’t care about Hannah’s reason nor what kind of torment she had endured and suffered while she was missing. All they knew was that their mother had committed adultery and that she had humiliated them.

Hannah succumbed to the ferocious beating and screamed in extreme despair. Her children’s cold stare made her heart bleed through.

Hannah felt as if her world was crumbling down on her when she saw those cold and hateful glares her children shot at her.

Suddenly, unknown energy surged inside of her, and she pushed the two people who were beating her away from her as she shouted, “That’s enough! So what if I slept with another guy?! Did you really think I wanted to do it? Do you even know what I’ve been through? It’s all Charlie’s fault! Me, a fragile woman, was locked up at the filthy coal mine, I didn’t have enough food to eat, I was cold and miserable, I could not get enough sleep, I had to do all those heavy physical work and even got beaten in the process, it was a living h**l! What else could I do?!”

Hannah was extremely agitated right now, and she continued hysterically, “If I didn’t succumb to the supervisor’s forceful will, I might have died in that coal mine already! But think, why did I end up like this? I did it all for the family!”

Then, she glared at Christopher and angrily rebuked, “And you, Christopher Wilson, you cold-hearted b*****d! When we planned the scam against Elaine, we did it for the family, didn’t we? I wanted to make more money for the family, remember? I wanted to make sure we could live in the Thompson First villa, remember? What did I get in the end? I have sacrificed so much for this family, and yet, this is how you repay me?! Have you no sense of decency left, you cruel b******s?! How dare you point your fingers at me? Go and confront Charlie if you dare!”

Hatred, humiliation, panic, and a mixture of distraught feelings rushed like turbulent waves inside her. She couldn’t help but blurt it all out.

She felt that she was the victim in this situation, but why should she receive such unfair treatment?


However, Lady Wilson and Christopher were not having any of it.

For them, no matter what reasons Hannah had or what torment she had suffered, the embarrassment she had brought to the Wilson family was unforgivable!

When Christopher thought about his wife cheating on him, and probably more than once, he fell into a frenzied state of mind and almost went insane.

Lady Wilson, on the other hand, felt that Hannah had tarnished the Wilson family’s dignity. It was a crime for her to stay alive, so she refused to listen to or accept any of her reasons.

Lady Wilson roared coldly, “B***h, how dare you yell at us? Don’t you know that chastity is most important for a woman!”

Christopher continued right after his mother, glaring furiously and yelling, “Hannah, you should have died in the coal mine! At least you could have taken your chastity and dignity to the grave! How do you have the decency to stay alive with that b*****d in your belly? I think you should have just jumped off this building and died!”


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