The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 112

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 112 – After a while, Charlie Wade felt a burst of energy surging through his body as if stimulating all of his senses, bones, and blood.

It was Reiki!

When he looked at the stone again, Charlie Wade found that the stone seemed to be absorbing all the spiritual energy that it didn’t look any different from a normal lifeless stone.

He tried to perform the cultivation method recorded in the “Apocalyptic Book” but he couldn’t extract the Reiki from the stone anymore.

Dejected, he put the stone back in his pocket. Intuitively, he felt that the stone was extraordinary, but he had no way to examine it now. It seemed that he had to sharpen his skills first before he could work on the stone again.

He hurried to take a bath as he was sticky from the profuse sweating. It was already over 5 pm when he finished the bath, and that’s when Claire Wilson Wilson called him.

On the phone, Claire Wilson Wilson told Charlie Wade that she was in the middle of the meeting with the Emgrand Group about the project details and that she didn’t drive today due to the road space rationing restriction, hence, she wanted Charlie Wade to fetch her at the Emgrand Group with her father’s BMW 530.

Charlie Wade obliged to his wife’s request wholeheartedly. He asked Jacob Wilson for the car key and drove straight to the Emgrand Group.

He took out his phone and called Claire Wilson Wilson’s number as soon as he arrived at the main entrance of the company. Claire Wilson Wilson didn’t answer his call, instead, she quickly sent him a text message that said, “Charlie Wade, I’m still in the meeting with the project team, please wait for me downstairs for a while, thank you.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for you downstairs,” Charlie Wade replied, then went outside the car and smoked while waiting.

At this moment, Doris, the vice-chairman of the Emgrand Group, called him

and asked, “Mr. Wade, are you here at the company?” Charlie Wade asked curiously, “How do you know?” “I’m in my office, I saw your car.”

Charlie Wade looked up instinctively and asked again with a smile, “Is there something you want to discuss with me?”

“Yes, indeed. Your wife is still in the middle of a meeting, it may take a while, so I want to ask if you have time, I would like to report to you about the company’s recent development.”

Charlie Wade pondered her remarks. Indeed, he hadn’t gotten involved with the company lately. As the chairman, he couldn’t be oblivious about the company’s business and progress, so he said, “Okay, wait for me, I’ll come up right away.”

“Please go directly to your office, I’ll meet you there.” “Okay.”

After ending the call, Charlie Wade strode into the building, got on the

elevator, and went straight to the chairman’s office on the top floor.

As he exited the elevator and headed towards his office, a door behind them suddenly opened.

It was Loreen, she wanted to go to the washroom when she bumped into a familiar figure as soon as she left her office.

She didn’t recognize that the figure was Charlie Wade, but felt that the figure was unusually similar to the mysterious man on the video!

Could he be the chairman that she had been always eager to meet? Did he finally come to the office?

Loreen was overjoyed!

After all, the main reason for coming to Aurouss Hilll and Emgrand Group was to know the mysterious chairman and then worked her way up to become his companion. If she succeeded, she would bring the entire Thomas family to the next level.

This was an important mission entrusted to her by the whole family, it was also the sustenance of the family to her.

However, Loreen was very frustrated. She had been working here for so many days but she hadn’t even seen the chairman’s face, how could she make her move to the next level with a man she hadn’t met?

Hence, when she finally got to see the chairman’s figure, she was

absolutely thrilled!

She quickly jogged after the man, wanted to catch up to him to say hi, and then introduced herself!