The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1117

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1117 – The operator asked in a rather confused and astonished voice, “Wait, what you’re saying is, you went to someone else’s yard and harvested their daffodils, am I right?”

“Yes!” Lady Wilson blurted loudly, “He planted daffodils on his fences, and I thought they were chives, so I cut a few handfuls and ate it, but then got p******d. Tell me, he committed a crime, didn’t he?”

The operator sighed and explained, “I’m sorry, Ma’am, our law does not prohibit any citizen from planting daffodils in their yard, so it is absolutely fine for him to do so. The point is, why did you go to someone else’s yard and take their daffodils simply because you assumed they were chives? You could be arrested for trespassing and stealing.”

“What the h**l?!” Lady Wilson shouted into the phone, agitated and furious, “I am lying in the hospital right now because of food p*******g, and yet I’m the one being charged?!”

The operator asked sternly, “If someone comes to your house, steals your car, and then dies in a car accident, can he sue you for owning a problematic car?”

“I…” Lady Wilson was befuddled.

She suddenly realized that Charlie was not breaking any laws for planting daffodils at home, but the problem was she was the one who stole the daffodils in his yard.

Then, she realized that it was all part of Charlie’s plan. He had deliberately planted daffodils that looked like chives in his yard as a trap to lure her to harvest those plants. That way, he didn’t have to bear any responsibility if anything happened to them!

Wrath of fury burst in Lady Wilson’s heart as she summarized the whole incident!

They had literally fallen into his trap without realizing it!

Moreover, as a consequence, they had gone to the hospital for food p*******g. They could only bear the suffering themselves, yet couldn’t do anything about him!

That kid was such a b*stard!

From the phone conversation, the doctor could interpret what was going on, and he was full of disdain for this family of five. He didn’t expect that these people would go to someone else’s house to steal their daffodils, assuming it was chives. It was quite humiliating that they were all p******d and sent to the hospital.

He sighed and said flatly, “Let me explain to you again about your current situation. Your major problem is now cleared after the gastric lavage, but because the narcissus is in your blood, we need to give you IV infusions continuously to neutralize the toxins in your blood.”

Lady Wilson said quickly, “Okay, okay, go and prescribe the medicine for us now. Use the best that is available here, don’t scam us for the mediocre ones.”

The doctor looked askance at Lady Wilson and said flatly, “Don’t worry, we have a good reputation in our hospital care and are very strict in terms of m********n. We will not do such a thing as using second-grade medicine and claiming them as first-grade.”

Lady Wilson heaved a sigh of relief, “Okay then, good to know…”

However, at this moment, medical staff came into the ward and handed a report to the doctor.

The doctor immediately frowned as soon as he read the report and asked, “Which one of you is Hannah Wilson?”

Everyone in the Wilson family was startled for a moment, and Hannah answered skeptically, “I am. What’s the matter?”

The doctor looked at Hannah and said seriously, “Because we need to inject d***s to synthesize the narcissus in your body, I need to explain to you in detail about the use of the d***s and their side effects. Because you are an elderly primigravida, or in layman’s term, advanced maternal age, we have strict control over the dosage of the d***s to be used on a pregnant woman in case it will increase the chance of birth defects. Hence, we can only give you a very small dose of m********n that will delay your recovery as compared to the others.”

What the h**l?



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