The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1113

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1113 – The Wilson family prepared two kinds of stuffed dumplings, and they made a lot of them. Based on the number of dumplings they had made, it was enough to feed ten adults, but the Wilson family almost managed to finish all the dumplings.

They were so full after the meal that they couldn’t even sit up straight.

Staring at the 20 to 30 dumplings left on the table, Lady Wilson prompted them while gesturing, “Hey, any of you, hurry and finish all the dumplings. Don’t waste it!”

Caressing his round belly, Christopher whined helplessly, “Oh G*d, I can’t eat anymore, not even one.”

Hannah shook her head too and said, “Mom, I can’t eat anymore, I’m so full right now.”

Wendy was so full she didn’t even have the strength to talk. Instead, she slumped on the sofa and waved her hand, indicating her refusal.

Harold said, “Grandma, why don’t we keep them in the fridge? We can fry them up and make potstickers for breakfast tomorrow.”

Suddenly, Lady Wilson donned a wicked smirk on her face. She said, “Hannah, pack those dumplings in a plastic bag and send them to Charlie’s house.”

Hannah asked in surprise, “Mom, why should we give these nice dumplings to them?”

Lady Wilson grinned and said, “No matter what, it was made from their chives. Send them some and annoy the h**l out of them!”

Harold suggested, “Grandma, why don’t we add some laxatives in it?”

Christopher asked, “We’ve already wrapped and cooked the dumplings, where could you possibly add the laxatives?”

Harold said, “We can grind the laxative into powder, mix it with water, then use a syringe to inject them into the dumplings!”

“Wow, what a brilliant idea!” Wendy clapped her hands and cheered, “Harold, you are so smart! It’s such a great idea!”

Lady Wilson uttered, “Oh yes, I saw a first aid kit in the storage room, it contains all kinds of medicines and syringes!”

Harold patted her arm and said, “Grandma, leave it to me! I’ll make sure Charlie and his whole family suffer from diarrhea tonight to the point their anuses explode!”

He immediately got up and went to the storage room. Soon, he came out of the room carrying with him a plastic box with a red cross logo on it.

The former owner of the villa had been very cautious in preparing the daily necessities. The first aid kit was packed with medicines—from fever and colds to gastrointestinal conditioning, to chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Harold immediately found a bottle of laxative inside and said with a sinister grin on his face, “I’ve taken one of these when I was constipated last time, the effect is very significant. I bet they will p**p so much after taking two of these.”

Wendy hurriedly said, “Then put one in each dumpling!”

“Alright!” Harold laughed. “Let them enjoy their endless trips to the toilet tonight!”

Harold began to grind the pills into powder, mixed them with water, and then used a syringe to inject the liquid into the dumplings.

Just as he was halfway through his process of injecting more than 20 dumplings, Harold suddenly felt the cramps in his stomach that made him clutch his stomach tightly and cry out in agony.

Hannah approached him and asked frantically, “Son, what’s wrong?”

Harold’s face twisted in a painful grimace as he shrieked, “Mom, my stomach hurts so much like the intestines are being intertwined together… Argh, it’s so b****y painful…”

Suddenly, Harold felt a strange energy start to form inside his abdomen that it started to flee frantically to the lower part of him like a trapped mouse.

Before he could control it, he instantly released a terribly smelly f**t!

In an instant, the vast luxurious living room was filled with an extremely disgusting stench.

Lady Wilson coughed a few times due to the stench and chided, “Harold! Have you no sense of decency left that you would f**t in front of your family?!”

Wendy covered her mouth and nose in disgust and growled in annoyance, “Oh my G*d, Harold, your f**t is so smelly!”


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