The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1110

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1110 – Hannah hurriedly asked in a honeyed tone, “Mom, why do you need eggs and flour?”

Lady Wilson answered, “I want to make eggs and chives dumplings for dinner!”

Harold shrieked in surprise, “Grandma, are we having dumplings tonight?”

“Yes!” Lady Wilson uttered, smiling ear to ear, “Do you like chives and eggs?”

Harold giggled. “Of course! Oh, I love it so much! I haven’t eaten eggs and chives dumplings for a long time! I’m starting to drool when you say it!”

Christopher also smiled and said, “Mom, why do you want to eat eggs and chives dumplings suddenly? You haven’t made dumplings for a long time.”

Lady Wilson laughed and said, “I’m happy today! So happy that I could fill myself with eggs and chives dumplings!”

“Wonderful!” Christopher huffed with a sigh, “I haven’t had dumplings for a long time, I can finally satisfy my cravings today!”

Hannah asked, “Mom, other than eggs and flour, do I need to buy some chives?”

Lady Wilson grinned triumphantly, “Charlie bought a lot of fresh chives in the afternoon and planted them in his yard, I’ll go there and get some later!”

Christopher urged, “Mom, get a little bit more than! We can make pork and chive dumplings too!”

Wendy chimed in, “We can also bake pies with chives fillings!”

“Okay, okay!” Lady Wilson nodded with a laugh. “I’ll get more then!”

At around 5 pm, Lady Wilson went out of the house with a knife.

She put the knife in the bamboo basket and trotted all the way to Charlie’s house.

She stood outside the fence for a while and peeked around cautiously. When she didn’t see anyone in the yard, she quickly took out the knife, reached into the fence, and cut a handful of the so-called chives.

After cutting the first handful, she reached over again and cut another handful, and then another.

Then, she looked at the basket, thinking that it was enough for the five of them. However, on second thought, it was exceptionally rare to stumble upon such a fresh batch of chives, so she decided to go on for more.

As a result, she cut a total of six handfuls of ‘chives’. It was so much so to the point that they couldn’t fit in the basket.

Grinning triumphantly at her attempts, Lady Wilson hurriedly turned around and headed toward her house.

At this moment, just as the sun was about to set, Elaine limped with the support of her cane toward her balcony to bask in the sunset.

The doctor had advised her to get more sun exposure for vitamin D if she wanted her legs to heal faster.

When she was at the balcony, she happened to see Lady Wilson at their fence, stealing vegetables again. She stomped her feet in great dismay and yelled, “Hey, you old f**t! You’ve already stolen so many vegetables from my house in the morning, and yet, you dare to come again now! You are so shameless, do you know that?”

Lady Wilson turned around to watch Elaine jump and curse like a crazy shrew. She shouted back, “So what? You are my daughter-in-law, you ungrateful b*****d! I only ate a tiny portion of your vegetables, how dare you nag me like that?!”

Elaine growled, “Who the h**l is your daughter-in-law, you shameless old f**t! If you dare to come and steal my vegetables again, I’ll break your leg!”

Lady Wilson spat contemptuously and shouted, “D**n it, fix your legs first before you act so cocky toward me, you little limping b*tch! How dare you yell at me when you are still limping around with that stupid cane! Believe it or not, next time I see you, I’ll break your leg again!”

Her remarks made Elaine’s blood boil!

Lady Wilson was the one who had broken her leg in the detention center. She would always remember this grudge.

Elaine ground her teeth indignantly when she saw that Lady Wilson was here to steal their vegetables again and even mocked her injury, and she shouted, “Go ahead and steal it, you lousy old f**t! You’ll pay for your filthy mouth one day, I tell you!”

Lady Wilson snorted coldly, “Let me tell you, Elaine, I will live for a long time, I’ll still be alive even after you d*e for eight hundredth time! Just wait and see, see who will d*e first!”


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