The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1097

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1097 – Since this was the first night the Wilson family would be staying in the villa at Thompson First, each of them had a strong ceremonial feeling in their hearts.

Lady Wilson summoned everyone to the living room as they all sat on the luxurious European-style sofa. Lady Wilson seemed to have found the same aura she had had when she was still dominating the Wilson Group.

She had a smile on her face, but her smile was also filled with prestige.

After glancing at everyone, she said unhurriedly, “Today is a staged victory for us. Although the Wilson Group has not regained its former glory, our family has already made a comeback. This alone is already worth celebrating.”

Everyone nodded hurriedly. Aside from the ugly expression on Hannah’s face, everyone else was very excited.

Hannah was already feeling the side effects of the seafood at this time, and the itching was making her feel extremely restless.

Lady Wilson glanced at her with a look of disgust on her face before she said, “Hannah, you are already an adult. Why are you acting like a maggot who is going back and forth from a pupa?”

The expression on Hannah’s face was very ugly.

Lady Wilson really spoke in a very nasty manner. Like a maggot and a pupa? Would anyone else describe their own daughter-in-law like this?

However, she did not dare to show any disobedience or disrespect to the old lady. Thus, she said apologetically, “Sorry, mom. My stomach is just a little uncomfortable…”

Lady Wilson glared at her before she said, “I think you must have suffered too much when you were at the coal mine. You were eating so much as though you had been starving for three years when you were eating the seafood hotpot just now. How could your stomach possibly take it?”

Hannah felt even more depressed. However, she could only nod her head as she said, “Mom, you are right.”

Lady Wilson was too lazy to continue talking to her, and she continued speaking, “Since our family has already made a comeback, we have to ensure that the Wilson Group makes a comeback as well. We have to make sure that the Wilson Group can resume its normal business operations after Mr. Webb invests his money in the company accounts.”

As she spoke, Lady Wilson looked at Christopher before she said, “Christopher, when the Wilson Group resumes its operations, you will be the business manager, and you will be responsible for negotiating all the future collaborations and partnerships with the Wilson Group.”

Christopher nodded as he said, “Okay, mom! I understand. I will definitely give it my all!”

Lady Wilson nodded slightly in satisfaction before she looked at Harold who was sitting at the side, and she said, “Harold, you will be the future director of the Wilson Group in the future. You have to put away your sloppy and frivolous attitude so that nobody can treat you as a joke. It is especially important for you not to let Claire see you as a joke. Do you understand?”

Harold hurriedly replied, “I understand, grandma!”

After that, Lady Wilson looked at Wendy again: “Wendy, you are young and beautiful. When you used to be with Gerald, all you did was play and have fun without a care in the world. You will have to work and contribute to the Wilson Group in the future. I think that you should be the Wilson Group’s public relations manager, and you will be responsible for managing the public relations of the market and customers.”

Wendy nodded obediently as she said, “Okay, grandma. I will listen to you.”

“Okay.” Lady Wilson said with satisfaction, “All of you have to be vigilant and give your hundred percent in this matter this time. It was not easy for the Wilson family to have this opportunity today. We should not miss out on this opportunity for development. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Yes, we understand!”

Everyone responded passionately.

Christopher hurriedly said, “Mom, why don’t you arrange for a position for Hannah too?”

Lady Wilson snorted before she said, “Hannah will stay at home to do the housework. There must always be a person staying at home to manage the household.”

After she was done speaking, Lady Wilson stood up before Hannah could even express her opinion. She said, “Okay, that’s all. I am going upstairs to sleep now. All of you should rest earlier too.”

Harold and Wendy had already been very eager to return to their rooms to enjoy it. After all, the decorations and standard of the house was very high, and it was so much better compared to the rooms that they used to live in before this.

After the old lady left, both of them got up, one after the other, as they returned to their respective rooms.

Christopher looked at his wife and suddenly felt like getting intimate with his wife again. Therefore, he hurriedly said, “Wife, let’s go back to our room and rest as well.”


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