The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1096

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1096 – This was because all the doctors clearly warned people with sexually transmitted diseases not to touch any seafood at all! That would not only aggravate the symptoms, but it might also cause erosion.

Hannah was trembling in fright!

She had not held back, and she had eaten so much seafood just now. Wouldn’t she be down with bad luck tonight…

At this time, Wendy took a piece of sea cucumber before she placed it in Hannah’s bowl. After that, she said, “Mom, you have suffered a lot a while ago. You should eat more sea cucumber to nourish your body.”

Hannah felt goosebumps rising on her body as soon as she saw the sea cucumber.

After that, she felt as though her itch was getting even more serious.

She hurriedly returned the sea cucumber to Wendy. She was panicking and felt very uncomfortable.

At this time, the heat from the six small hotpots had already turned the room into a sauna. Hannah was sweating all over, and she felt that her itch was getting worse.

She hurriedly stood up before she blurted out, “I am already full. I am going out to take a breather. You can continue enjoying your dinner.”

Harold replied, “Mom, there are still so many abalones and oysters left.”

Hannah replied in an irritated tone, “Oh, I am already full. I don’t want to eat anymore!”

After speaking, Hannah got up and left the room.

Hannah felt a little better after leaving the stifling room.

However, she also knew that she had just eaten so much seafood, and the side effects had not kicked in yet.

After all, she had eaten seafood before when she had hemorrhoids. She knew that the side effects of eating seafood would probably kick in about three hours later.

Therefore, she knew that she would be suffering tonight…

She was very depressed. When she was having s****l intercourse with her husband yesterday, she felt that her husband was not as competent when she was comparing her husband to the supervisor at that time. When she thought about it at that time, she did not hate that supervisor that much because he had also given her a lot of pleasure at one point.

However, she really did not expect things to turn out this way just one day later.

Wouldn’t it all be over for her if she was truly sick?

Hannah was very depressed, and she did not dare to go back to the hot room.

She continued waiting until the rest of her family had already finished their dinner. After they came out, she walked back with the rest of her family.

At this time, the side effect brought about by the seafood seemed to have already kicked in. The itching sensation she was feeling continued to intensify, and this made it very uncomfortable for her to walk properly.

When she returned to the villa at Thompson First, Hannah’s itch was already unbearable.

The first thing she did as soon as she returned to the villa was to look around the villa to see if there was anything inconspicuous that she could sell.

After looking around, she found that there was an imported DeLonghi coffee machine in the kitchen which seemed pretty high-end.

Lady Wilson never drank coffee as she was always drinking tea. Therefore, she would definitely not pay any attention to this coffee machine. Even if Hannah sold it secretly, Lady Wilson would never find out about this.

Hannah went online to find out more about the model of this coffee machine.

After her investigation, she found out that the coffee machine turned out to be a top-notch high-end coffee machine that was imported from abroad. This coffee machine was worth fifty thousand dollars regardless of its size!

She followed in her son’s footsteps and logged into the second-hand website to search for the same coffee machine. After that, she found that a similar second-hand coffee machine was worth thirty thousand dollars.

In order to find a buyer as soon as possible so that she could see a doctor earlier, Hannah reduced the price and posted the coffee machine for twenty-five thousand dollars on the local second-hand website.

She resisted and endured the itch, waiting for more than ten minutes on her cell phone before someone contacted her and said, “I want the item. Can I come and pick it up in the morning tomorrow?”

Hannah hurriedly replied, “No problem! See you at the entrance of the Thompson First villa community at nine o’clock in the morning tomorrow!”

At this time, Donald, who was still far away in Southaven, was still studying how he could stop the endless decline in his company’s stocks. His assistant suddenly stepped forward and said, “Mr. Webb, Hannah from the Wilson family just posted the coffee machine from the villa up for sale on the second-hand website.”

When Donald heard this, he blurted out, “Oh my… is this family a gang of bandits?!”


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