The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1095

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1095 – When she thought about the fact that she had probably contracted some disease, Hannah felt the itching sensation getting even stronger.

She panicked as she thought to herself: What if she was really sick? She had already reunited with her husband now. It would be difficult for her to hide it from him if she was really sick. What would happen if he found out about it?

What was even more frightening was the fact that both of them had already engaged in s****l intimacy when they were spending the night at the Webb family villa yesterday. At that time, her husband, Christopher, did not prepare any precautionary measures at all. What would she do if she had also infected him?

This way, wouldn’t he find out that she had accompanied someone else when she was at the coal mine?

As soon as she thought about this, Hannah decided to go to the hospital for a checkup early in the morning the next day. She would be lucky if she was not sick.

If she was sick, she would have to quickly find a way to cure herself no matter what it was.

However, there was another problem that she had to face. If she went to the hospital, she would have to register, get checked, and have some medicine prescribed for her so that she could get treated.

She was penniless and did not even have money to pay for the registration at the hospital.

The old lady had sixty thousand dollars now.

But how would she possibly be able to get this money from her?

Hannah knew very well that the old lady had a lot of opinions about her at this time.

The reason was because when the old lady had asked her husband for the money previously, both she and her husband had ignored her completely. However, they had eventually lost all of the family’s money because of Charlie, and the old lady was very angry.

In that case, it would definitely be impossible for her to borrow some money from the old lady.

What could she do then?

If she was truly sick, she would have no choice but to be treated.

Hannah suddenly became very worried as she thought about this.

How would she be able to raise some money?

At this time, she suddenly thought about the sale of the television, and she got a sudden inspiration in an instant.

The villa was so big, and there was so much furniture and home appliances lying around. She could just look for one or two items which were not so eye-catching so she could sell it for some money. The old lady would never find out about this.

As she thought about this, Hannah felt a little more relieved. She decided to go back tonight and see if there was anything she could secretly sell to earn some money. After raising the money, she would be able to go to the hospital and register directly tomorrow.

Hannah did not expect that there would be no relief, and instead, the itchiness intensified.

She sat on the chair as she rubbed her buttocks back and forth for the longest time. The more she rubbed it, the greater the range, but she still felt very uncomfortable because her buttocks felt very itchy.

When Christopher saw that she was constantly rubbing back and forth against the chair, he could not help but ask, “Wife, what is wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

Hannah panicked and she hurriedly said, “I am fine. I don’t feel uncomfortable at all.”

Christopher nodded slightly and did not question her any further. However, after a short while, he leaned in as he whispered in her ear, “Wife, is your hemorrhoid acting up again?”

Hannah subconsciously waved her hand when she heard this. “No, don’t talk nonsense.”

Christopher smiled as he said, “We are already an old couple. Do you think that I don’t know you well enough yet? Didn’t your hemorrhoid act up before this? We can buy a bottle of ointment on the way home later so that you can apply some m********n on it when we are home.”

Hannah replied in a panic, “What are you talking about? There is no such thing.”

The more unnatural Hannah’s reaction was, the more Christopher felt that she was trying to hide something.

So, Christopher smirked before he pointed at the seafood on the table as he smiled and said, “Wife, it does not matter if you refuse to admit it. However, don’t blame me for not reminding you that all the seafood on the table is trigger food. You should never touch seafood at all if you have any inflammation in your body or if you have any ulcer, acne, or hemorrhoids! You have to be careful since you ate so much seafood just now!”

Hannah was shocked when she heard this, and the chopsticks in her hand fell to the ground with a clatter.

She also knew that seafood was a type of trigger food for any inflammation, wounds, or hemorrhoids. However, would it be a trigger for sexually transmitted diseases too?!

As she thought about this, Hannah immediately took out her cell phone and searched for something on her cell phone: Can a person with sexually transmitted disease eat seafood?

After searching online, the results gave her a shock!


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