The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1088

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1088 – Elaine scolded, “Are you kidding? Will I be afraid of you? Do you believe that my son-in-law can send you back to the coal mine at Mount Blackpine to dig for coal with just a single phone call?”

As Jacob and Claire were not here, Elaine was not afraid to mention anything about the coal mine.

Hannah glared at Elaine with a cannibalistic look in her eyes and she was about to speak. At this time, Lady Wilson had already opened the front door of Villa A04. She looked at Elaine who was dumbfounded as she waved the key in her hand and smiled as she said, “Elaine, what did you say just now? Didn’t you say that you were going to twist your head off so that I can kick it around like a ball? Hurry up and do it.”

When Elaine saw that the old lady had actually unlocked the front door of Villa A04, she was too shocked to even speak.

How was that possible? Wasn’t the Wilson family already so poor that they did not even have a place to live in anymore? How could they possibly afford to buy a villa at Thompson First? Could it be that they had already experienced a reversal in their fortune?

Moreover, they were even going to be her neighbors from now on?! This was too vexing…

As she thought about this, Elaine looked at Charlie before she blurted out, “Charlie, what is going on? Didn’t your friend send all of them to the coal mine? Didn’t your friend say that they would not be allowed to escape in the future? How did Hannah escape?”

Charlie was also a little surprised at this time.

He took out his cell phone before he walked to a place where there was no one at all. After that, he called Don Albert directly, “Why has one of the people that I asked you to send to the coal mine at Mount Blackpine last time come back? What happened over there?”

Don Albert asked in surprise, “Did something like that happen? Master Wade, please give me a moment. I will make a phone call to ask about the situation!”

A moment later, Don Albert called Charlie. “Master Wade! Someone bought over my friend’s small coal mine and offered to pay him three times the market price.”

Charlie came to a sudden realization.

He asked, “Was it the Webb family?”

“Yes!” Don Albert said, “It was the Webb family from Southaven. Master Wade, is the Webb family targeting you? Do you want everyone to help you come up with a solution?”

Charlie replied lightly, “No need. The Webb family has not officially made an appearance yet. I am currently just dealing with a few small fries. You don’t have to worry about him.”

Don Albert felt very guilty at this time and said, “Master Wade, I am sorry for my ineffective supervision of this matter. Please punish me! I will also arrange for someone to come and capture Hannah today!”

“No need.” Charlie replied lightly, “Since she has already returned, I will just let her stay here.”

After he was done speaking, Charlie asked again, “What is the situation with the father and son from the Weaver family who are digging for ginseng on Mount Golim?”

Don Albert hurriedly said, “The father and son from the Weaver family are still on Mount Golim at this time. Someone came to try and take them away some time ago. However, they were all beaten up and defeated by my men and Liam’s men. In order to strengthen our defense, Liam and I have already sent more men up to the mountain. There are currently more than twenty men over there guarding them in secret.”

“Okay.” Charlie hummed as he said, “The one with the last name Webb is probably looking for my enemies everywhere now. So, you have to keep them safe for me. I will not hold it against you now that Hannah is back, but you must not allow the father and son from the Weaver family to be released!”

Don Albert blurted out, “Master Wade, you can rest assured that I will instruct my subordinates to guard them well. I will never allow anyone to take them away!”

“Okay.” Charlie hummed before he said, “Right, make sure that you tell Liam to get more men to guard his father and brother lest they come back to snatch the Weaver P************l from him.”


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