The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1084

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1084 – Christopher frowned as he said, “Are we going to let Charlie and Elaine off so easily?”

Hannah replied, “I can create trouble for them in other ways. Besides, the Webb family is already prepared to deal with them behind the scenes. Therefore, I will definitely be able to avenge myself. No matter what it is, we should not mention or bring up this matter again.”

In fact, Hannah was a little worried in her heart. If the coal mine was mentioned, and if her past with the supervisor of the coal mine was exposed, how was she going to maintain a foothold in the Wilson family?

Christopher felt that what Hannah said made sense. Therefore, he nodded gently before he said, “Okay then, everyone should understand and pretend not to know about this matter in the future.”

The next day, the Wilson family of five returned to Aurous Hill in a car arranged by the Webb family.

On the way back, the Webb family did not arrange for a private jet to send them back. They did not even arrange for a Rolls-Royce to drive them but instead, they sent a Buick GL8 to send them back.

Lady Wilson was very dissatisfied when she saw the Buick GL8.

When they came here, the Webb family had sent a Rolls-Royce to bring them to the airport, a private jet to take them to Southaven, and another Rolls-Royce to send them to the Webb family villa.

That scene and welcome were really very impressive and enjoyable.

It was different now. The Webb family had simply arranged for a broken car worth about two to three hundred thousand dollars to send the family of five away.

The feeling of sitting in this car was completely different from sitting in a Rolls-Royce.

However, since the car was driven by a driver working for the Webb family, she did not dare to say anything at all.

The drive from Southaven to Aurous Hill took about four to five hours. Therefore, it was already past noon when they finally arrived in Aurous Hill.

The driver drove them all the way to the gate of the villa community at Thompson First before he gave them several access cards and keys. After that, he said, “Mr. Webb intends for you to move into the villa at Thompson First today. He will arrange for someone to come over and handle the investment in the Wilson Group tomorrow.”

“Great!” Lady Wilson was very excited, and she nodded as she said, “Please help me thank Mr. Webb for his help. Tell him that we will definitely live up to his expectations!”

The driver nodded before he drove away.

The five members of the Wilson family swiped the access card before they stepped into the villa community at Thompson First.

All of them could not help but sigh in their hearts now that they were here at Thompson First once more.

When they came to Thompson First the past few times, they had all been very jealous and envious.

However, life had its ups and downs. Now, they finally owned a first-class villa at Thompson First.

The person who was most excited amongst them was none other than Lady Wilson. She had already been looking forward to living in the villa at Thompson First. She has already been looking forward to it for a long time!

Following that, Lady Wilson walked in the middle with her grandson, Harold, and her granddaughter, Wendy, supporting her on both sides. At this time, Christopher and Hannah were also both holding hands in a very loving manner as they showed affection for one another.

Lady Wilson felt as though she was a queen as she walked in such an ultra-luxurious villa community. She felt positively majestic and extremely confident at this time.

She was very excited and could not help but sigh as she said, “It would be great if I could just run into that b***h, Elaine! I want to make her feel as uncomfortable as possible!”

Wendy smiled before she said, “Grandma, don’t forget that you already broke her leg. I bet she is crying in bed at home now!”

Everyone laughed.

At this time, Harold suddenly pointed to the green path on the roadside ahead of them as he gestured at a woman who was holding a crutch in one hand, and he said, “D**n it! Isn’t that the b***h, Elaine?”


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