The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1077

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1077 – During this period, Christopher truly hated Hannah to the core!

After all, to a man, there was nothing more painful than getting betrayed by his own beloved woman.

When Hannah had disappeared, Christopher had fallen for Charlie’s words, and he was muddleheaded enough to actually believe that Hannah had eloped with a g****o.

Also, Hannah had held the entire family’s money with her at that time. Therefore, Christopher was even more angry and furious with Hannah.

So many days and nights had already passed, but every time he thought of Hannah, he really wanted to catch her and beat her to d***h.

However, he also knew that he would never be able to meet Hannah again in this life since she had already run away with their money. It would also be possible for her to have fled abroad with the money.

He never expected that he would meet Hannah, whom he hated so deeply, in the Webb family villa in Southaven today!

Hence, Christopher did not think much and rushed at Hannah without any hesitation at all. He stretched out his hand before he gave her a tight slap across her face. Hannah fell to the ground as soon as he slapped her.

After slapping her, Christopher pointed his finger at her furiously before he said, “Good job, you b***h! You actually dare to come back! Where the h**l is our family’s money?! Do you know how miserable our whole family was just because of you?”

Hannah was stunned after getting hit. She never expected that her husband, Christopher, whom she had been thinking of day and night, would actually give her a tight slap across her face as soon as they met.

Her leg was a little crippled, and she could only struggle as she tried to crawl away. After that, she yelled out loud, “Christopher Wilson! Why are you hitting me?”

“Why am I hitting you?!” Christopher ground his teeth before he cursed, “I am not only going to hit you today, but I am also going to k**l you! You actually dare to run away with my money to raise a g****o without even leaving a single cent behind for me? You are f*****g heartless!”

Hannah screamed as she blurted out, “Christopher, what nonsense are you spouting? When did I ever raise a g****o? I was framed by Charlie!”

“What?” Christopher frowned. “What has this matter got to do with Charlie?”

Hannah thought of all the torture and suffering she had endured for so many days, and she suddenly cried out, “Have you forgotten what we were going to do to Elaine?”

Christopher nodded as he said, “Of course! I will not forget that!”

Hannah cried before she said, “Ethel and I were almost done with our task. However, that b*****d Charlie, suddenly came over to the villa, and he brought people with him to beat us up after forcing me to donate all of the money I had in my bank account. Then, he sent all of us to the coal mine to dig for coal!”

As she spoke about this, Hannah was already in tears.

She wiped her tears before she choked as she continued speaking, “Do you know how miserable I have been during this time? I have had to work in the dark and dim coal mine day and night, and I can only rest for about four to five hours a day. I spent the rest of my time working in the coal mine at Mount Blackpine. Besides not having enough food to eat or any warm clothes to wear, I would often get beat up. I was suffering so much as though I was living in h**l! You have no conscience at all. You did not look for me or save me and instead, you raised your hand to hit me and even accused me of raising a g****o when I was finally rescued by the Webb family. Is this how you are going to treat me?!”

When Christopher heard this, he felt a little dizzy!

He would never have dreamt that instead of running away with all their money to enjoy a good life with a g****o, his wife had actually been suffering so much!

For a moment, he was not only filled with guilt and distress for his wife, but he also hated Charlie to d***h.

It turned out that Charlie was the culprit who had taken away all of his savings before sending his wife off to work in a coal mine!

At this time, fresh animosity was added to the old grudge, and this hatred made Christopher feel extremely angry.

Harold and Wendy who were beside him also ground their teeth in hatred.


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