The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1070

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1070 – Under such dire circumstances, everyone in the Webb family could hardly close their eyes and sleep.

When Hannah was taken to the Webb family mansion, Victor did not bring her to the living area directly. Instead, he took her in the servants’ quarters and went over to invite Donald and Sean.

The father and son immediately went to see her when they learned about her arrival.

As soon as they appeared, Hannah dropped on her knees and thanked them profusely for saving her.

Sean said with his emotionless face, “Hannah Wilson, we rescued you not because we sympathize with you, but because we need you to do something for us.”

“Yes, yes! Anything!”

“I know that you hold a grudge against Charlie Wade. I do too, and my grudge against him is beyond imaginable. Tell me honestly, do you want to get revenge on Charlie?”

Hannah’s face blushed with obvious rage as she growled, “Of course! The b*****d almost k****d me and he even sent me to the living h**l! I want to k**l him and chop him up into a million pieces!”

Sean grinned triumphantly and nodded. “Good. In that case, I’ll send you back to Aurous Hill. Your main task is to do everything possible to take revenge against Charlie and his family! By all means!”

Hannah nodded decisively. Even if Sean didn’t say anything, she would definitely go after Charlie if she had a chance to go back.

Then, she couldn’t help asking, “By the way, Mr. Webb, do you know how my family is doing right now? My husband, son, daughter, and mother-in-law.”

Sean smirked. “They are pretty miserable now. Charlie put them in the detention center some time ago and they have not been released yet.”

“What?!” Hannah shrieked nervously at Sean’s remark. “What happened? Are they okay? When will they come out?”

“Charlie is the reason why they were locked up. I bet they hate Charlie to the core right now.”

“Mr. Webb, could you help release my family, please?”

“Of course, I can, but I need some confirmation before I do so. Let me ask you, if I release them, will they listen to me and a****k Charlie?”

Hannah nodded like a bobblehead doll. “Yes, yes, absolutely! Honestly speaking, Charlie is the main reason why we’ve ended up so miserable!”

“My mother-in-law’s company was ruined by him!”

“The savings that my husband and I had are completely gone because of him!”

“My son was supposed to inherit Wilson Group, but he got nothing and became a l***r thanks to him!”

“My daughter was supposed to marry into the White family of Aurous Hill and become Mrs. White, but the b*****d dumped her and called off the engagement after messing with her! It was all Charlie’s fault!”

At this point, Hannah was so furious, she was shaking violently and on the verge of eruption.

She wailed hysterically as she continued, “I was sent to the horrible coal mine. Every day was like a living h**l to me and I almost committed s*****e several times. It is all Charlie’s fault! He is our family’s ultimate nemesis!”

Sean and Donald exchanged glances. They saw joy and glee in each other’s eyes.

The cannon fodder they were looking for was exactly like this, someone who held an irreconcilable grudge against Charlie!

The five members of the Wilson family were Charlie’s mortal enemies. If they could get them all out and place them under Charlie’s nose, it would definitely turn Charlie’s world upside down! They were the best candidates for their first cannon fodder batch!

According to their plan, Charlie would inevitably be restrained in many ways, which would create more opportunities for the Webb family to a****k him when he least expected it!


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