The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1065

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1065 – For the past few months, every day felt like a year to Hannah.

She was the eldest daughter-in-law of the Wilson family and she had never really suffered a day of sorrow or despair before. In fact, when the Wilson family was at its prime, she was living a lavish and comfortable life.

She couldn’t say that she had lived a royal-like extravagant life, but she did have a comfortable life in the past, so the coal mine was a literal living h**l for her when she was reduced to mining coal day and night here.

However, Hannah still enjoyed the most comfortable life among those who had been sent to the coal mine at the same time.

The men had to work fifteen to sixteen hours a day. They didn’t have enough food to eat or warm clothes to wear and they were as skinny as skeletons after being tortured day and night.

Ethel, the cheater, was similarly miserable. Because she was ugly and the supervisor didn’t fancy her looks, her daily routine and work schedule were no different from the men’s.

Hannah was slightly better than them because as a wealthy lady, she was considered beautiful and her condition was better than Ethel. Despite her age, she still had the elegant charisma that delighted the supervisor.

Hence, she reluctantly became the supervisor’s mistress. She had to charm and seduce him every night, which in turn granted her a slightly comfortable life.

She didn’t have to do so much work, her working hours were slightly shorter with longer resting time, and her meal was slightly better than the others.

Even so, it was still a misery for Hannah.

Although the supervisor had a supreme and dictator-like status in the coal mine, he was, plainly speaking, an illiterate uncultured man from the countryside. He was very sloppy and had lacking knowledge about personal hygiene. Sometimes, he did not take a single bath for two weeks.

However, in exchange for a more comfortable life here, Hannah had no choice but to entertain him despite the nausea and filth.

At night, after sleeping with the supervisor, Hannah would come out of the brick house with a disheveled look and a plastic basin in her hand.

Although the supervisor did not like to take a bath, wash his face, or brush his teeth, he enjoyed soaking his feet every day, and when he did that, he wanted Hannah to wash his feet.

Every time, the clear water in the basin would become murky and black after washing his feet.

Sorrowful tears drenched Hannah’s cheeks every time she thought of his foul-smelling feet.

Not only that, the b*****d liked rough love-making too. Her whole body would ache and turn sore after they did the deed.

Her delicate and flawless skin gradually became rough and d***y in this dusty coal mine.

It was literally a living h**l. She wondered if she had a chance to leave this miserable place in her life.

Hannah headed to the boiler room, carrying the basin. On her way, she stumbled upon Ethel and her family carrying baskets of coal into the coal pile.

Ethel glared at her, full of hatred and jealousy.

In her opinion, if it weren’t for Hannah the skunk setting up a trap for Elaine, she would not have ended up in this horrible place.


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