The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1061

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1061 – William struggled to get up. He glared at the man and woman on the bed, his eyes fuming with extreme rage and resentment.

How dare they flirt at each other right in front of him! Didn’t they feel ashamed? Did they even see his existence?!

He had accumulated overwhelming negative energy today that he desperately hoped for some comfort from Juanita as he was on the verge of collapse.

However, before arriving at Juanita’s house, he had been physically and verbally abused by the taxi driver. He even had to kneel and kowtow to him.

This incident had pushed him to the very brink of collapse.

Unexpectedly, a bigger b**b awaited him. He never would have imagined that his beloved woman would betray him!

He went madly insane at this very moment.

He no longer thought about the debts that were crushing him right now, nor the humiliation and beating he had suffered today. All he could think of was how to make the two shameless people pay the price!

Thus, he crawled to the kitchen and grabbed the sharpest knife he could find. He wanted them d**d!

At this moment, the chubby man by the name of Larry had put on his pants and walked out of the bedroom. He wanted to get rid of the abominable William. However, he didn’t see William as soon as he walked to the door.

Assuming that William had run away in anger, he turned around and was about to say something to Juanita when he felt an abrupt pain in his back.

William had stabbed the sharp knife into his back.

Then, he drew the knife out, pushed the chubby man to the floor, and strode into the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Juanita was still n***d. She lay on the bed seductively, waiting for Larry to return.

After all, they were in the middle of the business when they were suddenly interrupted by William. She was waiting for her lover to kick William out of the house and continued the deed with her.

Unfortunately, it was not Larry who appeared at the door, but William with a b****y knife in his hand.

She shrieked in extreme fear, wrapped herself in the quilt, and jumped into the corner of the room. She stared at him in panic and blurted out, “William, what are you doing?”

“Me?” William gritted his teeth into a cunning grin and said, “You’ve betrayed me, so I want to k**l you!”

“Don’t you dare come to me! If anything happens to me, the police will not let you go!”

William laughed bitterly. “Haha! My life has been ruined. Initially, I expected you to give me the last hopeful light, but you are the one to push me down the abyss of darkness!”

William cursed as he walked closer and closer to Juanita, “You destroyed me, so I’ll completely destroy you before I’m destroyed!”

Juanita shrieked in great fear. She knew that William was not joking!

“Larry! Larry! Help me!”

William grinned sinisterly. “Your dear Larry is already d**d. It’s your turn now!”

It was only now that Juanita noticed that the sharp knife in William’s hand was drenched with blood!

She dropped to the floor, desperate and in despair. She cried loudly, “William, please, I beg you, please forgive me! I didn’t mean to betray you, I’m serious! Please, you love me very much, don’t you? Are you really going to hurt me?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t love you anymore, I don’t even love myself or the world anymore! That’s why you must pay for what you did! I must let you know that you can bully anyone in the world except for honest people!”

Then, he rushed to her.

Juanita shouted in despair followed by an abrupt stop.

The sharp knife in William’s hand had pierced into Juanita’s heart…

As he watched Juanita d*e with her eyes opened wide, he froze for about five minutes.


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