The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1060

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1060 – When he came to his girlfriend’s house, he knocked on the door but no one came to open the door.

He didn’t know that Juanita, his girlfriend, was in her room right now, doing the deed intimately with one of her clients who had bought fake cigarettes from her.

He tried calling Juanita, but she didn’t answer. He thought that she must be asleep, so he went to the flower vase beside the door and found the key.

He had coincidentally discovered this secret by chance. One time, he saw Juanita’s mother hiding the key under the vase. He assumed that elders tended to be forgetful, so she had placed a spare key there just in case.

Thanks to her, it provided convenient access to William.

After taking the key, William unlocked the door and entered the simple front yard of the house.

As he approached the house, he found that the door to the house was closed but not locked, so he pushed the door open and walked in.

While passing through the living room, there was suddenly an abrupt and strange noise coming from the bedroom which sounded like Juanita’s soft m*****g.

He limped to the room, frowning. The more he listened, the more the peculiar it sounded because there seemed to be a man’s voice beside Juanita, coupled with a crazy sense of m*****g rhythm.

As if something struck his mind, he immediately kicked open the door angrily and surely enough, he saw two n***d people on the bed hugging each other passionately. The one sleeping at the bottom was his girlfriend, Juanita.

William’s face turned into an ugly shade of red. He shouted hysterically, “Juanita! How dare you! You’ve betrayed me, you f*****g w***e!”

The two people on the bed let out a cry of fright. They quickly turned over and hid under the blankets. Juanita wrapped herself very tightly under the covers and asked nervously, “Why…why are you here? How did you get in?”

William growled indignantly, “Why the f**k do you care? If I hadn’t come in and seen for myself, I wouldn’t even have known that you had betrayed me!”

Then, he turned his hateful glare at the chubby man next to Juanita and cursed, “You f*****g h***y dog, how dare you have s*x with my girl! I’ll k**l you!”

He rushed towards the chubby man, but before he could reach him, the man kicked him hard on his belly that made him fly out the door. He shouted, “Oh, so it’s you, the infamous l***r! Tell me, what kind of good life can Juanita enjoy by being with you? I heard that you only earn a minimum wage, do you expect her to support you in the future by selling fake cigarettes?”

Juanita asked in astonishment, “How…how did you know that I sell fake cigarettes…”

The chubby man said coyly, “Oh, come on, baby. I’ve been a smoker for so many years, do you think I can’t differentiate between real and fake cigarettes?”

Juanita was even more surprised. “If you know that I’m selling fake cigarettes, why do you buy them? And you’ve bought so many of them!”

The man pinched her chin and said with a coy smile, “That’s because I feel sorry for you and I want you to make more money. For me, money is nothing as long as you are happy!”

Juanita blushed shyly. She threw herself in his arms and said, “Oh, Larry, you’re so kind…”


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