The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1049

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1049 – At this moment, Charlie’s helicopter had already flown into Aurous Hill’s airspace.

Isaac asked Charlie, “Young Master, what do you plan to do with John’s daughter?”

Charlie said lightly, “Her parents are already gone so she’s an orphan now. Send her to the orphanage directly.”

Isaac hurriedly said, “Young Master, I think that it would be best not to leave anything behind…”

Charlie waved his hand as he said, “There are some things that a man should do, and shouldn’t do. It is impossible for me to harm a child. Send her to the orphanage. Don’t stop them if anyone from the Webb family comes to take her home.”

Isaac nodded before he said, “I think that it will be impossible for the Webb family to come and adopt this child. After all, the Webb family hates John and his wife very much. It is estimated that the Webb family will lose more than half of their family assets this time. It will all be reflected in the stock market tomorrow.”

Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “Alright then. If the Webb family is losing their power and strength, then I will help the Moore family to become the top family in the South Region instead.”

Isaac replied immediately, “Young Master, just give me your orders if you have any needs.”


Isaac said at this time, “By the way, Young Master, the shill named ‘Know One’s Place and Abide by the Law’ had already been sent to Don Albert’s dog farm. Do you want to go there and take a look?”

Charlie waved his hand before he said, “He’s just a pathetic j**k who relies on his ability to scold and curse people to make his livelihood. Just chop him up and feed him to the dogs. I don’t want to go and see this kind of person, lest it dirties my eyes.”

After that, Charlie suddenly thought of Ichiro. That guy had been staying at Don Albert’s dog farm all this while.

So, he asked Isaac, “How is Ichiro doing?”

Isaac smiled before he said, “What else can he do? He raises, feeds, walks, and cleans up the dog poo every day. He stays at the dog farm and he doesn’t even dare to leave the dog farm at all. If he dares to step out of the dog farm and gets discovered by his brother now, then that his brother will definitely spend a lot of money to k**l him.”

Charlie nodded before he smiled and said, “Continue letting him stay in the dog farm then. I’ll send him back to Japan to fight with his brother for the family inheritance and property when the time is right.”

Isaac replied, “If Jiro finds out that Ichiro isn’t d**d, he would definitely be fuming with anger.”

Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “I don’t know if he would be fuming with anger but by then, I can already estimate that Kobayashi Pharma would already belong to me.”

Isaac praised Charlie sincerely, “Young Master, the plan that you are hatching on the Kobayashi brother’s is simply too wonderful! I am amazed!”

Charlie smiled as he said, “It is not that amazing. The main point is that I simply made use of the Kobayashi family’s greed. That is the reason why a person should not be too greedy. If a person is too greedy, then they will only bring disaster upon themselves. For instance, if that shill had not been too greedy, then he would not have ended up getting chopped up and fed to the dogs.”

Ten minutes later, Charlie’s helicopter landed on top of the Shangri-La building.

As Charlie’s helicopter was landing, the other helicopter had already sent the children to Silverwing Hospital.

Mrs. Lewis and everyone else from the Aurous Hill Welfare Institute has already seen the relevant news and information on the Internet. As soon as they found out that the children had already been rescued, they were all very excited. When they heard that the children had been sent over to Silverwing Hospital, they rushed over there immediately.

Charlie originally wanted to go to Silverwing Hospital to take a look at the children. However, when he thought about how big this news was on the Internet, he did not want Mrs. Lewis and the others to suspect that he was the mastermind behind this entire matter. Therefore, he asked Isaac to send a car to send him home.

After arriving at the villa at Thompson First, Charlie did not rush in immediately. Instead, he called Mrs. Lewis before he asked her, “Mrs. Lewis, I heard that the children have already been found?”

Mrs. Lewis choked with excitement as she said, “Yes, Charlie! All the children have already been found and rescued. They are now under observation at Silverwing Hospital.”

Charlie hurriedly asked, “Then, did the children suffer any harm at all?”

“No, no!” Mrs. Lewis replied excitedly, “The doctor has already examined them and they have only been given some sleeping pills. Three of the children have already woken up now and there is nothing wrong with them at all. The doctor said that they will observe them for a little longer and then, we can bring them back to the orphanage tonight.”


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