The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1033

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1033 – After Lily’s d***h, Ron, his family, and Jeff were all scared to d***h.

In just a short period of time, two people had already died in front of them. Moreover, each of their deaths were very miserable.

Everyone had initially envied the senior from the Beggar Clan who was driving the S-Class Mercedes-Benz. He had money, status and he was also driving a luxury car.

However, a few minutes ago, his luxury Mercedes-Benz had also become his steel coffin.

Lily’s desperate and tragic d***h in front of their very eyes had also shocked their inner hearts.

Charlie had a cold expression on his face as he asked Isaac, “So, where are the other core members of the Beggar Clan?”

Isaac replied, “Young Master, you can rest assured. I have already notified all of our forces in Southaven. They are already on the move and these people will be brought over here, one by one!”

“Okay!” Charlie nodded before he sneered, “None of the core members of the Beggar Clan will be left alive today!”

Very soon.

All the people that the Wade family was hiding in Southaven got on the move and the members of the Beggar Clan were all kidnapped from various locations as they were sent to the bridge one by one.

Two of the nine seniors of the Beggar Clan were already d**d. After that, the remaining seven seniors were brought to the bridge, one after the other.

The two deputy leaders of the Beggar Clan were also brought to the scene at this time.

After all the members of the Beggar Clan were gathered on the bridge, all of them were frightened to d***h by the scene that they were witnessing on the bridge.

None of the members of the Beggar Clan could actually believe that someone would actually have the audacity to destroy the entire beggar syndicate in Southaven.

After all, Donald from the Webb family was the one supporting and backing up the Beggar Clan.

Why did it seem as though the person standing in front of them did not even care about Donald at all?

Charlie stood in front of the group of people at this time before he told Isaac, “Ask some people to bring some steel bars over. I want them to tie all these people’s hands to the steel bars.”

One boss, two deputy leaders, and seven seniors—the nine people were all kneeling down in a row.

The leader was none other than John, who had just k****d his own wife!

Charlie had not stopped recording everything on his cell phone. At this time, he pointed the camera towards John before he smiled and said, “Come on, introduce yourself. What is your name and what do you do?”

John glared coldly at Charlie before he gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t be so pretentious and act as though you are so great in front of me. I know that I will not be able to leave this place alive today. If you want to k**l me, you can just k**l me. But I want you to know that my brother-in-law will definitely take revenge for me and avenge my d***h! When that time comes, he’ll definitely shred you to pieces!”

Charlie nodded his head as he laughed and said disdainfully, “I have never believed that there could be a person who could be very courageous no matter what happens!”

After that, Charlie looked at everyone who was kneeling in front of him, including Ron, Ron’s family, and Jeff before he said sharply, “I can be very responsible and I can tell you that today will be your d***h anniversary. None of you will live past today. However, there are many different ways to d*e. Some methods of d***h might be very painful and some methods of d***h might be very fast. Whether it is a fast or painful d***h would depend entirely on your own performance.”

At this time, Charlie looked at John before he smiled and said, “John, weren’t you acting as though you were very brave and courageous earlier? Then, that can only mean that you have chosen the painful way to d*e! I will grant your wish!”

There was a hint of panic in John’s eyes.

After all, he did not know what kind of methods Charlie would use to torture him.

At this time, Charlie said to Isaac, “Take off all of this person’s clothes. After that, use a knife to make thin and small cuts on him. The more cuts you give him, the better it is. The wounds should not be too deep, but it should be deep enough to allow blood to come out of them. This way, when we lift him up using the helicopter and put him in the river, the fishes in the river will nibble and bite on the wounds on his body. If there is enough time, he can easily be eaten down to the bone!”


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