The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1031

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1031 – He had to leave a son behind to carry on the Marcone family lineage.

This was also the reason why John and his sister were both very eager for Lily to give birth to a son.

John suddenly realized at this crucial moment that if he had no choice but to d*e here today, Lily and the child in his belly would have to live on.

What if the baby turned out to be a boy? There would be someone to carry on the Marcone family name then!

Otherwise, if Lily died here today, then it would all be over for the Marcone family.

As he thought about this, John immediately told Charlie, “Brother, no matter what hatred and grudge you hold against me, you should just deal with me directly. My wife is innocent and the child in my wife’s belly is also innocent. Please let them go!”

Charlie replied coldly, “You abducted and hurt so many children. Have you ever thought that these children are the ones who are really innocent, then?”

John cried as he said, “Even if I did not have a conscience, this has nothing to do with my wife and children. Please let them off! You can’t possibly k**l a pregnant woman in front of so many people, right?”

Charlie smiled before he said, “Wow. I really did not expect you to use the moral high ground against me.”

After speaking, Charlie nodded before he said, “But you are right. It really isn’t my style to k**l a pregnant woman. So, I’m prepared to let your wife live.”

As soon as his voice fell, Lily was so excited that she started to kowtow repeatedly as she cried and laughed and said, “Big brother! Thank you, big brother! Thank you for sparing my life!”

Charlie waved his hand before he said, “Don’t get too excited yet. I said that I won’t k**l you but the child in your stomach belongs to you and this scumbag. I cannot let you go just like this. After this, I will arrange for someone to take you directly to an obstetrics and gynecology hospital to abort your baby. After aborting the baby in your stomach, I will hand you over to the police officer. I will allow the court to give the appropriate punishment and they can choose to either sentence you to p****n or shoot you to d***h!”

John shouted out loud immediately, “How could you leave the Marcone family without an heir to carry on our lineage? The baby in my wife’s belly is the Marcone family’s only hope!”

Charlie smiled before he said, “I’m sorry but a scumbag like you, especially a scumbag who specializes in destroying other people’s families, is not to have an heir to continue your family lineage! I can spare your daughter’s life but it is completely impossible for me to spare the embryo in your wife’s belly!”

After that, Charlie glared at Lily before he said coldly, “You can choose what you want to do now. You can choose to keep your baby and d*e with your husband today, or you can choose to abort your baby so that you can keep your own pathetic life.”

Lily blurted out without any hesitation at all, “Big brother, I want to live! I don’t want to d*e! I can abort the baby any time!”

In fact, Lily has already thought everything through.

First of all, the most important thing was that she did not want to d*e. This was because she was still young and she had not lived enough. She was not willing to d*e beside her husband today.

Secondly, the baby in her belly was only two months old anyway. To put it bluntly, it was nothing more than a fertilized egg. It did not matter to her whether she kept the baby or not. The most important thing right now was for her to stay alive.

So, of course she would be more than willing to abort the baby!

When John heard this, it felt as though he had gone insane and lost all of his senses. He glared at Lily with m*******s intent in his eyes as he gritted his teeth and cursed, “You stinky shrew! You want to abandon me at a critical moment like this so you can continue surviving and living all by yourself?”

Lily looked at him with a nervous expression on her face before she said seriously, “Husband, do you really want me to d*e with you today? We still have a daughter! Even if I were to be sentenced to p****n for more than ten years, our daughter would still have a mother as long as I am still alive. If I were to d*e here today, then our daughter will really become an orphan!”


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