The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1030

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1030 – Charlie replied coldly, “Throw him into the river!”

The helicopter flew towards the surface of the river beside the bridge immediately. After that, the helicopter suddenly disconnected the cable and the Mercedes-Benz crashed into the river at a very fast speed.

Since the Mercedes-Benz was originally bulletproof, the body of the car was very heavy. Moreover, after the steel bars and steel plates were welded on the car, this made the car even heavier at this point.

Therefore, the moment it plunged into the river at an incredibly high speed, it immediately formed a spectacular splash of water!

The splashing water even formed a small scale rainbow under the sunlight!

Immediately afterwards, the Mercedes-Benz disappeared without any delay as it sank directly to the bottom of the river.

Everyone present knew that the fat man was bound to d***n to d***h.

After all, the car has already been completely welded. Therefore, it was impossible for him to escape even if he was a deity or an immortal!

Jeff, Ron’s family and John and his wife collapsed and yelled out in h****r and fright when they saw the Mercedes-Benz sinking to the bottom of the river.

No one would have expected Charlie to be so decisive when it came to taking a person’s life.

Jeff also clearly realized at this moment that the orphan who grew up with him would really be able to k**l him and take his life today.

He crawled towards Charlie’s feet before he started crying until he was completely out of breath. “Charlie, please let me go. I’m different from them. I’ve never done any unconscientious things before. I was just confused for a moment because I was blinded by greed. I beg you to give me another chance. You grew up with me so you should know that I am not that kind of heinous person…”

Charlie looked at him in disgust before he said coldly, “Jeff, you have to understand that even though some mistakes can be forgiven, there are also some mistakes which can never be forgiven! Even if this is your first time committing this kind of mistake, it is absolutely unforgivable!”

After he was done speaking, Charlie aimed his cell phone camera at John and his wife, Lily. After that, he said coldly, “Come, I’ll give you and your wife a chance to confess to your wrongdoings to the people of the whole country. Look into my cell phone camera and tell everyone what you have been doing throughout all these years. If you do a good job in confessing your crime, I might be able to reduce your suffering then.”

John’s wife, Lily, was frightened to d***h. At this time, she knelt down to the ground with a thump as she started crying and begging for mercy. “Big brother, please spare my life! I’m just John’s wife and I don’t know anything at all. I don’t even know what he usually does on a normal day! I’m really innocent!”

After that, Lily pointed at her flat lower abdomen before she said, “I’ll tell you the truth, I’m already two months pregnant now. Please spare my baby and my life. Please let us go and give us a way out!”

When John heard this, he subconsciously cursed, “Lily! Are you really going to betray me and throw me under the bus at a time like this?”

Lily exploded immediately, “John Marcone! I’m pregnant with your baby! Aren’t I looking for a way for you to carry on the Marcone family lineage? If both of us d*e here today, then the Marcone family lineage would be completely gone!”

In fact, Lily only had one simple thought in mind—to survive.

She had not lived long enough and she did not want to d*e!

If she had to choose between d***g with her husband today or living as a widow by herself, she would definitely choose the latter.

John initially thought that his wife was trying to abandon him so that she could save her own life.

However, he was stunned when he heard his wife’s words.

His wife was right. If his wife died with him today, and even if this young man let his young daughter off the hook, there would be no one left to carry on his family name.

After all, in the eyes of the Marcone family, a daughter could never possibly carry on the family lineage!


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