The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1019

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1019 – In Jeff’s opinion, he would not be surprised no matter who stepped down from the helicopter, but Charlie was totally unexpected that he could only stare in disbelief.

However, he was absolutely certain that the tall, handsome man with a cold face was indeed Charlie Wade, the man he grew up with in the orphanage!

It was beyond his imagination as to how and why Charlie was so capable to mobilize such a powerful force to pursue them!

The helicopters, the former special forces members, and the weapons they carried were definitely not something ordinary people could own, not even the richest man in Aurous Hill!

He couldn’t help asking himself, ‘Who the h**l is Charlie Wade?’

‘Isn’t he an orphan? He is a moocher who lives off his wife! How can he own such a powerful force?’

At this moment, Charlie stood in front of the six adults. Instead of looking at the other five people, he glared coldly at Jeff and exclaimed, “Jeff Mowry! How dare you!”

Jeff trembled in h****r and cried, “Charlie, it’s a misunderstanding!”

“Misunderstanding?!” Charlie chided furiously, “You worked with the human traffickers and abducted ten children from the orphanage, and now you’re telling me that this is a misunderstanding?!”

Tears and snot smudged Jeff’s face as he wailed, “Charlie, I had no choice! In order not to lose in that race to you, I had accidentally crashed into someone else’s Phaeton. If I don’t compensate him with a new car, he will k**l me! Please, I didn’t mean to do so, I was desperate! Please!”

Charlie stepped forward, kicked him on the chest, and sternly shouted, “You’re also an orphan, so you know the pain and sorrow orphans have to go through since childhood. The orphanage raised you! Not only did you not contribute anything to them, but you actually kidnap the orphans for money! You deserve to d*e, scumbag!”

Severe pain vibrated through Jeff’s entire body, but he struggled to get up, crying and begging, “Please, Charlie, I’m sorry, I’m terribly sorry. I’ve learned my lesson. Please, for the sake of our friendship, please forgive me!”

“Forgive you?” Charlie snorted, “How dare you ask for my forgiveness after what you did?”

Jeff pointed to the Iveco and said, “Look at the children, they didn’t suffer any harm. In fact, they were sedated and they won’t remember what happened. Please take them back. If you can forgive me, I’ll work for the orphanage for the rest of my life! I’m willing to use my entire life to repent for my sin!”

Charlie chided coldly, “Shut it, Jeff. Of these seven people today, you are the most damned!”

Ron quickly blurted upon Charlie’s remark, “Boss, you are absolutely right, he was the one who had planned and organized everything today! We were just his tools! Please spare us!”

Charlie recognized the man as soon as he saw the missing right palm on his right arm that was raised high. The man was the infamous Ron.

Charlie curled his lips into a disdainful smirk and said, “You are Ron Richie, am I right?!”

Ron shuddered in fear when he heard it!

How did he know his name?

Charlie smirked at his horrified look and said, “Ron Richie, you really are something. I heard that you’re a frequent offender who has committed all kinds of petty crimes alongside your family. It’s quite surprising that you haven’t learned your lesson after your hand being chopped off! I’ve heard about you trading and selling children before, but I didn’t expect that you’d dare to abduct children directly this time!”


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