The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1015

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1015 – Ron finally realized that something had gone terribly wrong at this point. How else could he explain the sudden appearance of so many trucks that surrounded them for no reason?

Moreover, from the looks of their stance, they didn’t intend to let them escape, hence the parallel formation.

They had heavily-loaded trucks sandwiching them both front and rear, with the river roaring under the bridge. If these trucks were really coming at them, they would have no way out.

Ron shuddered in h****r and said, “Are they here for the kids? Why? These kids are just a bunch of low-life orphans!”

“That’s right!” Ron’s brother said, “Besides, the police didn’t even come after us yet. Why are these people here?”

As the two fleets of trucks were inching closer and closer to them, Ron’s brother had no choice but to stop the van.

Everyone in the van panicked, including Jeff.

Jeff stumbled into an unending h****r at the moment. No one knew the orphanage better than he did. If these children were gone, it was most likely that the police would undergo the investigation instead of the force from the people. He was feeling rather peculiar as to why these strangers had come after them instead of the police.

However, there was one exception that made him go berserk.

The exception was Charlie, who had pushed him into this miserable state yesterday.

In the midst of confusion, he had a strong feeling that this had everything to do with Charlie. When the image of Charlie’s unpredictable expression appeared in his mind, he mumbled, “Did Charlie plan all this?”

When the Iveco stopped completely, the large trucks began to drive closer and surround them in the middle of the circle. The seven adults in the van trembled in extreme terror.

Ron took out a knife from his pocket and said, his voice shaky, “If they come at us, we’ll fight back!”

His sister stuttered, “There are only seven of us but a few dozens of them, how can we fight back?!”

Ron was on the verge of fright. He urged, flustered, “Close the c******s and windows at the back. We’ll fight back if they want to barge in!”

In order to transport the children in a safer and more discreet manner, they had installed thick c******s on the windows of the van’s rear rows. They couldn’t even view the situation inside the van if they tried to look from the outside, let alone the unconscious children.

Jeff and the rest of the gang hurriedly drew the c******s tightly.

Ron said to his two brothers and Jeff, “Hurry, take your knives out! We can’t back off now, we can only rely on ourselves to get out of here.”

At the beginning of the kidnapping at midnight, Ron had distributed a knife to each of them. It was initially meant as a backup weapon and to give them courage, but none of them had expected that they would have to use it now.

Jeff was shaking violently in extreme fear. He was very different from Ron. Ron was used to such violent scenes since he was involved in the treacherous odd jobs all year round, which explained his right hand that had been chopped off by his enemy.

Jeff, on the other hand, was just a scammer working as an employee in Axel Insurance who cheated the old folks who dreamed about being rich in the shortest time possible. He wasn’t born to hold a knife and fight with others the way Ron did.

He took out the knife, his hands trembling profusely, and asked, “Ron, who did you offend?”

Ron growled indignantly, “I want to ask you the same thing!”

At this moment, Ron’s brother’s shaky voice sounded, “Hey, look, they’ve only surrounded us but no one is coming down to say anything. I don’t know what they want!”

Ron pondered for a while before winding down the window a little bit and shouted, “Hey, who are you? What do you want from us? What do you want to do?”

It was a d**d silence outside the van.

Ron was extremely frightened right now. The trucks surrounded them like a solid metallic wall and the drivers were staring at them wordlessly, creating a strange and absolutely terrifying vibe.


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