The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1014

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1014 – The drivers behind the trucks got out of his car to check what happened, curious and angry.

At this moment, a person from the fleet got off the truck and shouted using a loudspeaker, “Everyone, we have just received an urgent notice from the management that the bridge has become hazardous and there is a risk of collapse at any time. We are trying our best to repair the damage as soon as possible. For your safety, please make a detour. Thank you for your cooperation.”

The drivers were blowing a gasket, but their anger dispersed in an instant upon hearing the announcement.

No one doubted their credentials, especially when they saw so many heavy-duty trucks parked on the bridge. In fact, they were feeling fortunate that they had been following behind these trucks. If they had been in front of the fleet, wouldn’t they drive on this dangerous bridge?

Hence, everyone quickly got back into their vehicles, turned around, and took a detour, avoiding the bridge at all costs.

Behind the wheel, Ron’s brother drove the Iveco to the center of the bridge. He asked in puzzlement when he glanced through the rearview mirror for a while, “That’s so weird, why are there no cars behind us?”

Ron turned around to look and blurted casually, “Perhaps they’ve been blocked by those trucks. They’re driving like turtles.”

“Hmm, that makes sense,” Ron’s brother said with a nod and continued his drive.

When they were about to cross the bridge, they were shocked to see a fleet of heavily-loaded trucks suddenly driving into their path from both sides of the road in front, directly blocking their way!

Ron’s brother quickly stepped on the brakes and cursed, “D**n! Are they crazy?”

Due to the sudden stop, other people in the car staggered and fell all over the place clumsily.

When the car came to a full halt, Ron glanced around in confusion and realized that not only were they blocked by a fleet of trucks in front of them, but there were no other vehicles behind them!

It seemed that the Iveco and them were completely sealed on the bridge.

However, he didn’t feel that he was trapped on the bridge. He pushed the door open, jumped out, and shouted, “Hey, what the h**l are you guys doing? Get out of my way!”

A brawny man got out of one of the big trucks and said coldly, “This bridge has been closed. From now on, no vehicles or people can pass through!”

Ron shouted in annoyance, “You let the cars in front of us go through! You can let us pass first before closing the bridge!”

Little did he know that he was the main reason why the bridge was closed!

The brawny man chided loudly, “Shut up! I told you, no vehicles or people are allowed to pass! You can give it a try if you want to d*e!”

With that said, more than thirty men wearing safety helmets appeared at once. They all looked very fierce and sturdy.

Inside the Iveco, there were only seven adults and ten innocent children. Ron’s mother and sister were fragile women, while his father was an old man who was disabled. They didn’t have what it took to go up against these men.

He gritted his teeth in despair and said, “Okay, we’ll just turn around and go the other way then!”

He hopped back into the car and urged his brother, “Let’s turn around!”

“Alright!” Ron’s brother immediately turned the van around and drove back, but as they were driving back in their opposite direction, a fleet of trucks approached them on the other side of the bridge.

These trucks were next to each other, menacingly approaching them without room for even a bicycle to pass through.

Ron’s brother stopped the car immediately and exclaimed, “What the h**l is going on? Why do I feel that these trucks are intentionally sandwiching us? Have we been exposed?”

“Impossible!” Ron chided decisively, “Even if we’ve been exposed, it should be the police intercepting us, not some random trucks!”

“Ron, something weird is going on!” his brother said worriedly.


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