The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1013

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1013 – Several helicopters gathered on the outskirts of Aurous Hill and headed towards the border of the province at high speed, narrowing the distance with the target little by little.

On the other hand, the white Iveco Daily was on the federal route, driving according to the speed limit. They often stumbled upon traffic congestion or red lights that limited their overall speed and traveling distance.

Ron chose the federal route instead of the highway because of one main reason, that was, the structure of the road itself.

As the highway was a closed-circuit route, it would be hard for them to escape if the police marked them and set up roadblocks. However, federal routes were different. They were connected to various townships and counties, so it would be extremely hard for the police to pinpoint their location and to block their path.

Besides, if they faced any problem, they could simply abandon the van and run away. Federal routes provided a lot of excellent hiding locations. They could hide in the countryside, the residential houses, and even factories or construction sites.

However, they left Charlie plenty of opportunities to pursue them.

Hovering in the sky, the helicopters did not have to stop for anything. There were no detours or congestion that were blocking their way either, so their flying speed was constant at two hundred kilometers per hour.

After flying for more than an hour, Charlie was only a hundred kilometers away from the target.

Isaac started, “Mr. Wade, their current average speed is only forty to fifty kilometers per hour, we can catch up to them in thirty minutes.”

“Good.” Charlie nodded and said, “Can you contact the local forces that work for the Wade family? Ask them to block the road in advance, I want to chase these rats straight into the trap.”

Isaac checked the real-time location sent by Don Albert and said, “There’s an overhead bridge above a river on the federal route. Once they enter the bridge, I’ll ask our men to block the bridge and prevent other vehicles from entering, then I’ll block the other end of the bridge. They won’t be able to escape then!”

Charlie nodded in satisfaction and said, “Good idea! Proceed, then!”

Soon, two fleets of trucks filled with muck set off from two construction sites on both sides of the bridge.

The construction sites belonged to a real estate development company owned by the Wade family. Of course, Isaac had arranged those two fleets of trucks for their mission. Each fleet consisted of more than twenty trucks loaded with muck.

Any of these trucks weighed forty to fifty tons when fully loaded, which was equivalent to a heavy-duty military tank. No vehicle could possibly c***h their way out if these trucks blocked the road, let alone twenty of these heavily-loaded trucks. Even tanks would not be able to run past them.

Ron’s brother drove the car onto the bridge. Ron grinned gleefully, “We’ll soon be in Southaven after crossing this bridge!”

“Hurrah!” Ron’s sister cheered, “If we get the money today, we can go to the Maldives tomorrow! I’ve checked earlier—tourist visas are granted on arrival and we don’t have to apply for a visa in advance, which means we can buy a plane ticket and fly there tomorrow!”

While behind the wheel, Ron’s brother asked oddly, “Hey, why are there so many trucks suddenly?”

Everyone looked out the window curiously and saw heavy trucks full of muck on both sides of the road as well as their vehicle.

Ron waved his hand nonchalantly and said, “They must be delivering materials for the construction site nearby. Ignore them, let’s overtake them quickly.”

The Iveco accelerated and overtook the fleet of trucks.

Immediately afterward, the fleet of trucks began to drive in parallel, forming some kind of a roadblock that blocked the road behind them as well as the vehicles.

When the Iveco got on the bridge, the fleet of trucks, who was driving side by side, followed them closely behind too. However, as soon as they got on the bridge, they came to a stall and turned off their engine, effectively blocking the bridge and the vehicles behind them.


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