The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1011

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1011 – At this moment, the seven adults inside the Iveco Daily van were not even aware that a dragnet was slowly approaching them and was about to catch them.

In addition to the seven adults, there were ten children asleep in the van. They had not yet woken up after being drugged at midnight.

There was a young man without his right arm in the front passenger seat. The man was Ron Richie.

He was giggling like an excited boy and said to his brother who was behind the wheels, “Hey man, we’ll get a million dollars after the transaction!”

His brother gaped in shock, “What?! Woah, are kids so expensive nowadays? Didn’t you say that they only cost tens of thousands of dollars per head?”

Ron said, “Yeah, but they were busted a while ago, remember? The Beggar Clan in Arcadia Province are in shortage of children, hence the increased price.”

His brother grinned delightfully, “We’re gonna be rich!”

Ron nodded excitedly and said, “After the transaction, let’s go for a vacation!”

Inside Iveco’s spacious cabin, Ron’s mother said with a smile, “Wow, I really need a break after this. Mrs. Hunt next door went to Thailand some time ago, she posted so many d**n pictures on her Facebook profile when she was there and she even bragged about her trip after returning home. When we get the money, we must go too!”

Ron laughed and said, “Please, Mom, what’s so fun about Thailand? That’s where the poor people go, it costs only two or three thousand to join the tour. Let’s go to a more luxurious place!”

“A luxurious place?” Ron’s mother asked excitedly, “Good son, tell me where’s more luxurious than Thailand! I haven’t traveled much, I can’t think of a place now.”

Ron blurted, “The Maldives, of course! That’s where the rich people go for their holiday!”

Ron’s sister clapped her hands happily and cheered, “Maldives? Oh my g*d, I’ve wanted to go to the Maldives for a long time! I want to stay at the villa that floats on the ocean! It’s so classy and luxurious! It must be so cool to stay there!”

Ron giggled and said, “Yes, Sis! We’ll buy the plane tickets as soon as we get the money!”

The family of six began to imagine their upcoming trip to the Maldives with a dreamy grin on their faces.

Ron turned around and looked at the man sitting in the back rows.

The man was the seventh adult in the van beside the family of six.

Ron asked with a smile, “Hey, Jeff, you’ll get four hundred grand after the deal. Have you thought about what to do with the money?”

Jeff ignored him because his mind was a mess right now.

Last night, after returning home from William’s company dormitory, a few gangsters had come to his door with knives.

They knocked on his door and put the knife on his neck, warning him to quickly send Caesar’s car to him or they would k**l them right there and then.

Jeff’s legs went jelly in h****r.

He had gone to a friend who was trading used cars to evaluate his car and the Phaeton. His friend told him that even after the insurance coverage, he still had to cover a million dollars himself.

Because of the accident, his Mercedes-Benz was only worth about three hundred thousand, which only covered 10% of the gap. He still had a gap of nine hundred thousand dollars.

With the six hundred and twenty thousand dollars that William had given him, he still had to figure out how to cover three thousand dollars.


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