The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1008

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1008 – Charlie nodded and said, “Good! When you get anything, let me know as soon as possible!”

Don Albert uttered respectfully, “Okay, Master Wade!”

Charlie ended the call. He calmed himself down before turning back to Mrs. Lewis and Lisa, and said, “Mrs. Lewis, Lisa, don’t worry, I’ve asked my friends to ask around. He’s quite capable and he has a lot of informers, I’m sure he’ll have some answers soon.”

Mrs. Lewis blurted out, her eyes red with tears, “Charlie, thank you so much!”

Charlie quickly said, “Mrs. Lewis, what are you talking about? I grew up in this orphanage and the children here are like my own brothers and sisters. Now that they’re missing, I’ll definitely do all I can to get them back!”

Lisa uttered, choking and sobbing, “Charlie, you donated so much money yesterday. On our way back, Mrs. Lewis said that they’ll install a set of CCTVs around the orphanage thanks to your donation, who knows…”

Lisa couldn’t finish her sentence before she started crying again.

Charlie knew Mrs. Lewis and Lisa like the back of his hand. Most of the people who worked in the orphanage were very kind and gentle. They took care of these orphaned children as their own, and regarded themselves as their parents.

It was a devastating blow for them now that ten children were kidnapped from the orphanage.

Charlie was about to comfort them when Don Albert called.

He immediately answered the call, and Don Albert said, “Master Wade, I got something. This Ron kid borrowed a white Iveco Daily with fake license plates from a friend. He and his family left home last night and they were nowhere to be found since midnight.”

“Iveco Daily?!” Charlie frowned in dismay and said, “The kidnappers drove an Iveco too! I think it was them!”

Don Albert hurriedly said, “Master Wade, why don’t we provide the kid’s phone number to the police now and let the police locate their position and arrest them?”

Charlie growled coldly, “No! These scumbags kidnap and ruin children’s lives, it will be too easy to just arrest them and put them in j**l! I want their lives!”

Don Albert was stunned and blurted, “Master Wade, if you need anything, just say it. I’m always prepared!”

Charlie asked, “Can you trace the kid’s location based on his phone number?”

Don Albert answered, “Of course! I have someone working in the telco company, I can get his real-time location information!”

Charlie said, “Good! Go and figure out his location!”

Don Albert said, “I’m on it! Give me five minutes!”


Charlie ended the call and immediately called Isaac, “How many helicopters are available in Aurous Hill right now? How many people can each carry?”

Isaac answered, “Mr. Wade, Shangri-La has two heavy-duty helicopters, each of which can carry 12 passengers. There’s an aviation company that is partially owned by the Wade family, it has three medium-sized helicopters, each of which can carry 8 people!”

Charlie hummed an inaudible yes and said, “Good! Prepare all the helicopters and bring your most powerful men. Besides, order one helicopter to pick me up near the Aurous Welfare Institute now!”

Isaac quickly asked, “Mr. Wade, what do you have in mind?”

Charlie growled coldly, “I want to destroy those scumbags!”


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