The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1007

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1007 – Charlie took out his phone and called Don Albert.

Don Albert was the king of Aurous Hill’s underworld, after all. He must have a lot more informers than anyone in the city.

Don Albert’s respectful voice sounded as soon as the call was answered. “Master Wade, what can I do for you?”

Charlie said in a stern voice, “Last night in Aurous Hill Welfare Institute, there were 10 two to three-year-old children kidnapped by traffickers. You have been the king of the underworld in the city for a long time, help me find out if anyone releases any information about buying children or inquiring about children.”

Many cases could be solved not because of the efficiency of the investigators or the high-tech investigative tools they were equipped with, but because the criminals left key clues in their respective groups.

For example, when someone is k****d, the police would start their investigation by identifying the corpse and proceeding from there, but people in the underworld would know who the victim’s enemies were, what kind of troubles he had been involved in, and who could be his m******r.

Another example, when someone loses a car in the area and reports it to the police, the police would usually start investigating where the car had been, where it was last seen, where it had disappeared, and who had been in contact with the car recently based on the CCTV.

However, if you direct the case to the people in the underworld, they would immediately start by identifying the car thieves or whoever responsible for selling stolen goods, and who the one who had last seen the car was. Basically, they would get their exact answers right away.

Most importantly of all, the underworld had its own very set of rules and orders. Obtaining an answer was not as direct as asking anyone. Even if an insider wanted to get certain information, his status and reputation must match the information he sought. Otherwise, his attempt would to no avail.

For example, if a lowly lackey wanted to know what kind of business Don Albert was currently engaged in, who had he met and etc, he would get nothing. But if Don Albert wanted to know what the lackey was up to lately and who he had frequent contact with, it would be as easy as a flick of fingers and his lackeys would get the answers for him.

Don Albert knew that Charlie had grown up in the orphanage since he was young, so he also knew that Charlie must be very angered by the kidnapping of the orphans from the institute. Hence, he immediately proceeded to investigate the matter.

Ten minutes later, Don Albert obtained a crucial piece of information.

A man named Ron Richie had been asking about where he could buy children in Aurous Hill while hanging out with his friends.

Charlie hurriedly asked, “Who is this Ron Richie?”

Don Albert answered, “He is a local who has been involved in petty crimes from a young age. His family is involved in this sort of shady business too. Before he was even an adult, he had participated in many illegal and criminal activities, from petty thefts to armed robberies to kidnapping. The kid has done it all as long as he can get money out of it.”

“A few years ago, the kid and his family started being involved in the pirated CDs business and made some money. They sneaked into the cinemas with a video camera to secretly record the movies, and then copied them into CDs and sold them to the public. The business took off at the time.”

“One time, a mafia boss invested in a blockbuster and it was recorded into pirate CDs as soon as it was released. Later, the mafia boss ordered someone to chop off the kid’s hand. From then on, the kid and his family didn’t dare to venture into this business again and shifted their focus to being smugglers, that is, human trafficking.”

“They specialize in trafficking young and underaged children, mostly supplying the children to the beggar syndicates in the south. Sometimes, they do their own kidnapping and rent these children to those syndicates. A while ago, the police had carried out a special rescue mission, targetting those syndicates who were controlling these underaged children, and they had successfully rescued a large number of children. So now, the beggar syndicates are trying to buy children for their operations again and this Ron kid is the one looking and supplying children for them.”

Charlie asked coldly, “Are you saying that this kid and his family are running a human trafficking business?!”

“Yes!” Don Albert answered, “All six of them—his parents, two brothers, and a sister—they’re all involved in this.”

Charlie gritted his teeth in dismay. “D**n it! A bunch of useless garbage!”

Then, he asked, “Don Albert, do you know where the kid is now? I want to know his every movement in the past two days—what, where, who, everything!”

Don Albert answered, “Okay, I’m asking my guys to ask around. I’ll get the answers soon!”


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