The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1003

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1003 – Charlie’s heart was thumping violently after asking the question. He didn’t know what Claire’s reply would be.

At this moment, he suddenly felt an object hit his face, and he felt the soft texture of the object in the next second. It was the little teddy bear that Claire usually hugged to sleep.

Then, Claire’s whiny voice resonated into his ears, “Hey, you’re so greedy. Usually, when playing mobile games, the further you progress, the more difficult the missions are. How can it be so easy?”

Charlie pouted and said, “Dear, games nowadays can progress very quickly and easily. You can upgrade to Level 80 with a single slash!”

Claire cleared her throat and imitated the computerized voice of the online platform’s customer service, “I’m sorry, dear, this kind of upgrade is not available in our system. May I suggest that you consider trying other games?”

Charlie said frantically, “Oh no no, I don’t want to try other games. May I know if there is a shortcut for me to upgrade to the next level faster?”

Claire chuckled mischievously and said, “I’m sorry, dear, there is no shortcut available in our game for the time being.”

“Okay!” Charlie sighed dejectedly. “I’ll try my best.”

Claire nodded in satisfaction and said, “In this case, I will get off work now. If you have any questions, please come back tomorrow morning.”

Charlie conspired, seeing that Claire was starting to be cheeky and playful, “Okay, let’s talk again tomorrow morning.”

Claire said, “Dear, please do not end the call yet. Please rate my service after the beep. Please press one for very satisfied, two for satisfied, and three for not satisfied.”

Charlie answered, “Four!”

Claire said, “I’m sorry, the input is incorrect, please re-enter.”

Charlie quickly interjected, “It is correct, four is very unsatisfied!”

Claire huffed in annoyance and continued, “Congratulations for activating the hidden treasure chest in the game, you will get a random gift. To open the treasure chest, please press one, and to give up the treasure chest, please press two.”

Charlie blurted out, “One!”

Claire imitated the squeaking sound of the rotating lottery turntable for a while and then said, “Congratulations, dear, you get a random gift—downgrade one level! The gift will take effect immediately!”

Charlie shrieked in shock, “No! No! I don’t want the gift!”

Claire chuckled and said, “I’m sorry, dear, the rule of the random treasure chest is that once opened, it cannot be returned!”

Charlie protested, “I want to appeal! I pressed the wrong button, I wanted to press two!”

Claire laughed for a while before saying, “Dear, the system has received your appeal, we will process your appeal within two working days. You will receive our feedback on your appeal then, but before the feedback result comes out, you will still need to accept the punishment of being downgraded by one level.”

Charlie said, “Hey, I am your loyal player, can you please be merciful? Please undo my punishment, just this once!”

Claire pondered for a moment and said, “Dear, since you are indeed our loyal customer, after discussion, we have decided to give you another chance to choose the random chest again.”

Then, she cleared her throat and started, “To open the treasure chest, please press one, and to give up the treasure chest, please press two.”

Charlie answered, “Two! I choose two!”

Claire said, “Unfortunately, you have missed the hidden random treasure chest this round. Is there anything else I can assist you with?”

Charlie sighed in disappointment. “Nothing, never mind. I’m going to continue leveling up.”


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