Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 97

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Sasha could hear her heart pounding away as the surroundings suddenly became muted. “Vivi, where’s Matt?”

“Matt? He’s inside his room. I didn’t see him coming out, Mommy,” Vivian replied without taking her eyes off the paper plane in her hand.

She had been folding paper planes on the floor for some time and did not even realize that her brother was missing.

Vivian was not a very observant kid. She was still young and unlike her brothers, she was not very sensitive to her surroundings. She put the paper plane down and blinked her eyes at Sasha in oblivion.

Sasha clicked her tongue at her clueless daughter. She knew she had to go look for Matteo on her own. Grabbing an overcoat from the clothes stand, she hurried out of the house without losing another moment.

It was almost seven in the evening and night was falling.


Over at Royal Court One, the clock struck seven—it was dinner time.

When Sebastian heard Wendy calling from downstairs, he quickly tidied up the stuff in his study and went downstairs after a whole day of tiring work.

“Here you are, Mr. Hayes. I’ve been knocking on Ian’s door a few times, but he refused to come out. What should I do now?” the anxious housemaid asked, clasping her hands before her chest.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go get him,” Sebastian said, turning towards Ian’s room.

He had been working the whole day, and just as he thought he could finally have dinner and relax, Ian was being difficult. A frown spread across his brows on his tired face as he headed towards the nursery.

“Ian, open the door, Daddy’s here. It’s dinner time.”

No one answered.

There was d**d silence, as if there was no one inside.

Is he asleep?

The frown on Sebastian’s brows deepened and he turned the door handle.

Behind Sebastian, Wendy poked her head in and looked around. “There’s no one here. Where’s Mr. Ian?” the maid asked nervously.

Her face started turning pale and she gasped in h****r.

Even Sebastian was shocked. The frown instantly vanished and his eyes widened in fear as he checked out every corner of the room.

Ian was a bad-tempered child, and he liked locking himself in his own room whenever he was upset—but he would never leave without telling anyone. He was not that ill-behaved.

He knew Sebastian would be furious if he were to do it.

Where on earth is he?

The veins on Sebastian’s forehead throbbed like they were going to burst. “Summon all the guards! Find out what happened!” he roared as he darted downstairs in light speed.

“Yes, Mr. Hayes!” Wendy cried out and followed after him.

She knew things were going to turn really ugly this time.

It’s already so late at night, where can Ian be? Everyone will be in deep trouble if we can’t find the kid anywhere in the compound.

Wendy gathered all the guards within just a couple of minutes. The whole villa was brightly lit and the whole team was mobilized to look for the missing child.

Meanwhile, Matteo was already outside of the villa when everyone was frantically searching for him.

It was totally not his intention to leave without telling anyone. After receiving Vivian’s text, his original plan was to wait till tomorrow morning when Daddy would be out for work.

But Ian called him twenty minutes ago and his whole plan just went haywire. “Is Mommy going to desert me again?” Ian asked when he was on the phone with Matteo.

Matteo tried explaining everything to him and assuring him, but to no avail. “It’s not like that, Ian. Mommy did that because she thought you were me. You must understand that she was worried crazy.”

“So, it means she chose you over me, right?” Ian asked coldly after considering the issue from every angle.

Ian had always thought that Sasha could not wait to bring Matteo back to Clear because she was worried sick and she felt guilty.

But when Ian thought harder about the whole thing, it also meant that Sasha was abandoning his eldest son again.

Matteo really did not know how to comfort Ian, but before he could do anything, Ian had already hung up.

Matteo tried calling him again, but Ian had already switched off his smartwatch and was no longer reachable.

This made Matteo broke out in cold sweat.

So instead of just waiting for Ian’s news, Matteo stole away immediately to look for him.

He was afraid Ian would do something stupid.

By the time he got off the cab and dashed up to his house, only Vivian was home.

“You’re back? Ian’s gone and Mommy’s looking for him right now. What should we do now?” Vivian ran over and asked anxiously the moment she realized it was Matteo who came back.

She quickly filled Matteo in on everything that had happened at home.

Matteo’s face darkened with worry as he listened to Vivian.

I knew it. I knew something’s gonna happen. Seriously, why does this little bore have such a short temper? Can’t he just wait a little longer?

Matteo paced around in the house with his heart in his mouth. Thoughts raced through his mind as he tried to come up with a plan. He ruffled his hair in frustration before dashing for the door and headed out to look for Ian.

He figured it would be easier for him to look for Ian since he had called him on his smartwatch earlier on. As a skilled hacker, Matteo could use his tablet to locate Ian.