Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 93

Read Returning from the D**d: His Secret Lover Chapter 93 – Vivian started having a fit. Unlike her two brothers, the girl was more cowardly, and she had always heard her brothers talking about how bad-tempered her father was and how he bullied their mother.

Thus, she was petrified by that time.

Sasha finally regained consciousness and hugged her daughter, trembling with fear as she was afraid that things might get worse.


“She really is your daughter? Wow, you’re incredible, Sasha. Didn’t you just display your pure and righteous side this noon? I didn’t know that your illegitimate daughter is this old! You really disgust me!”

Unexpectedly, the man had already started railing before she could say a word.

His expression turned ashen with anger, and hatred filled his eyes. At that moment, Mr. Hayes, who was famous for being placid in the business world, had lost his temper.

Sasha was startled.

Illegitimate daughter? He actually thought that this child was fathered by someone else?

Sasha’s heart sank, and she looked at the man with an exasperated expression.

Should I be glad or sad about this? How can someone this stupid man be the top businessman in the field?

“Speak! Why don’t you say anything?”

“What should I say? What do you mean by illegitimate daughter? Sebastian, I have nothing to do with you for a long time ago. Why can’t I be with someone else if you can be with that b*tch, Xandra? If I gave birth to a bunch of children with someone else, let alone only one, it’s none of your business too!”

Sebastian went quiet.

Finally, this has immediately shut that scum up!

He clenched his fists, and his handsome face darkened. However, he couldn’t utter any more words.

Sasha sneered silently. You have asked for it since you dared to argue about this with me!

Then, she ignored him after her retorts. When she saw her son coming out from the MRI room, she took her daughter and went forward. “Doctor, is he alright? Can we go now?”

I had to take my children back as soon as I can. Otherwise, this ill-tempered scum would definitely tear me into strips if he found out about my other son!

When she was about to take her son, the man suddenly pulled him away before she could carry the boy, and she couldn’t fight the man’s strength.

“Sebastian, what are you doing? Take your filthy hands off him! You have no right to touch him!”

How dare this man snatch away my son from me and forbids me from touching him! He’s really driving me nuts!

This is my Matteo, not his Ian! Who is he to stop me from taking my son? I only have him now.

She finally lost it under a massive flood of fear. With teary eyes, she almost wanted to snatch her son back, but the child finally spoke, “Daddy, what are you doing?”

Sasha was dumbstruck.

Daddy? My Matteo…called this man Daddy?

On the other hand, Sebastian wasn’t surprised as the hospital notified him about Ian.

So he lowered his head and looked at his son. “Daddy will take you home.”

“No! I want to go to preschool.”

Then, Ian broke free from his father’s grip and walked directly toward Sasha.

She was overjoyed when she saw this. Ignoring everything else, she stepped forward and carried him in her arms.

“Alright, we won’t go home but to the preschool. Sebastian, I’m only taking him back there and nowhere else. Since he’s so eager to go there, let’s not affect him with our matters,” said Sasha while she carried her son instantly.

Then, before the man had time to react, she left speedily with the two children and was soon nowhere to be seen.

Left behind in the clinic, Sebastian was enraged.

Sasha Wand!

Sasha ran frantically with her two children all the way until they got in a cab. After the frightened family had arrived at Old Town, she finally carried them off the car.

Then, she went to a small park nearby and didn’t want to move anymore.

“Mommy?” As a girl, Vivian was more meticulous. When she saw her in this situation, she immediately leaned her chubby face over and asked caringly.

Sasha hugged her adorable daughter when she saw this.

Not long after, she saw her son staring at her eagerly, so she reached out her hand and pulled him into her arms too.

“Mommy is okay, don’t worry. Mommy’s just a little tired, and I just need to rest for a bit.”