Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 90

Read Returning from the D**d: His Secret Lover Chapter 90 – Sweaty and exhausted, Sasha was finally drained out of energy. The thing was so heavy that she had to loosen her grip. After that, she squatted angrily as she couldn’t even stand now.

“Sebastian, you’re f*cking mental!”

Panting, tears finally fell from her swollen, misty eyes.

Sebastian was taken aback for a second.

He was quite delighted when she saw her clumsily carrying the iron pieces but immediately became sorry when he saw her shedding tears while squatting on the floor.

“Is it you or me who’s mental here? How dare you accuse me of this when you’re the one who came to my company and caused chaos?”

“Chaos? What did I do?”

Sasha immediately raised her head and glared at the man with her red, teary eyes.

Sebastian tilted his head slightly and looked away. “Didn’t you hear it yourself? Now the entire company is talking about how lucky you are to catch the vice president’s attention as soon as you came. Sasha, why didn’t I know that you’re an expert at winning people over?”

He worded it much nicer than before.

Nonetheless, Sasha jumped in rage after hearing this. “Bullsh*t! What does he like about me? I think he’s the one who is mental because he still wants me to be his assistant after being complained for not doing my job there! What do I have to do with this?”

Sasha went quiet for a moment.

“By the way, is this a characteristic of your company that the employees take after their boss?”

She suddenly changed the topic and jeered at the man.

They’re all mental!

Sebastian understood what she meant, and rage pulsed through his veins.

But in the end, he endured it as Luke served the food at that moment. “Erm… Mr. Hayes and Ms. Wand, do you want to eat first?”

Sebastian didn’t answer.

However, when Sasha saw it, she immediately stood up. “No! Who am I to deserve Mr. Hayes’ food? I disgust him anyway.”

Then, the woman left with an angry look, without turning her head. She even slammed the door after her.

Sebastian and Luke were left speechless.

Seeing his expression worsening, Luke quickly soothed, “Let’s eat, Mr. Hayes. Don’t worry about it. I’ll ask her to work in your office when Ms. Wand comes back in the afternoon.”

Sasha left Hayes Corporation.

Of course, I won’t eat at the lousy cafeteria! I’m too angry to eat anyway! It’ might as well eat at home!

But just when she was about to get home, preschool suddenly called, “Hi Matt’s Mom, what’s wrong with Matt today? He’s so quiet! Is he sick?”


Sasha’s face went pale instantly.

Matteo’s sick? He isn’t, is he? He looks fine when I send him there this morning.

Feeling uneasy about it, she didn’t care about anything else and asked the cab driver to drive straight to the preschool.

“Hi Matt’s Mom, you’re finally here! Here’s Matt—hurry and take a look!”

Sure enough, the minute reached the preschool’s entrance, the teacher immediately brought out two children with a concerned look.

Sasha immediately trotted over and squatted in front of the two children.

“Matt, are you feeling sick?”

“No, no, Mommy, Matt is not sick.” Vivian waved her chubby little hands to indicate that her brother was not sick at all.

However, Sasha noticed something odd about Matt. What could it be? I can’t tell either.


“Nothing, the food isn’t good.” He finally muttered after standing in front of his mother for a while.

The food isn’t good?

Sasha immediately looked up at the teacher.

However, the teacher shook her head. “That’s not true! Matt has always loved the food at preschool. Besides, we have his favorite mashed potatoes today. Why isn’t it good?”

The teacher couldn’t believe it, so Sasha looked at her son again.

Matteo had always been a good kid. When Sasha was working, he would take his sister to preschool obediently without causing trouble for his mother unless he was sick.

Could it be that he really fell sick?

Sasha remembered that her son would keep quiet about being sick before to not worry her, so she was more certain about it when he didn’t talk much.

“Alright, Matt. Mommy’s taking you to the doctor.”

“Huh?” The two kids were startled.

Are we really going to the doctor? But he’s not really sick! The truth is he’s not Matteo but Ian, her other son!

When the siblings were brought out of the preschool, Vivian helplessly stuck her head close to her after seeing her mother trying to get a cab.