Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 77

Read Returning from the D**d: His Secret Lover Chapter 77 – Sasha turned pale immediately.

She couldn’t care about anything else anymore, so she carried her son and ran.

However, she was a woman who was holding her son while running; so naturally, she wasn’t as fast as the middle-aged woman and her two subordinates.


All Sasha felt was her scalp aching. Someone had pulled her hair, and she couldn’t move a second later.

Slap! That was a loud slap across Sasha’s face.

She was defenseless, so she stumbled back a few steps with her child still in her arms. The mother and son duo fell right onto the ground.


Ian was in his mommy’s arms, so he saw everything. He couldn’t be bothered about his own safety anymore, and he shouted aloud when he saw his mommy’s red and bloated face.

All Sasha could hear was humming in her ears, so she didn’t know what her son was shouting about.

That being said, her arms still held him tightly and shielded him.

When the middle-aged woman saw that, she instantly smiled evilly and gestured for her two subordinates to follow her over again.

To everyone’s surprise, the kid in the woman’s arms suddenly turned around and glared at them.

“You will regret this.”

That was a rather scary expression!

He was only five, but at that moment, the tiny face that resembled his daddy’s actually managed to freeze the others with his deadly glares.

The two subordinates paused immediately.

Both felt a chill went down their spines.

That is so weird. He is but a five-year-old…

However, the middle-aged woman hadn’t noticed that something was off. Her expression remained evil as she stubbornly approached to hurt the mother and son duo.

Then, everyone saw the child in his mommy’s arms press a button on the watch wrapped around his wrist. “Daddy, someone is hurting your wife and son. Are you coming over or what?”

Sebastian was in a middle of a meeting when he received that call.

He had a cigarette between his fingers at the time. Hearing that got him to tremble at once that he almost burnt himself.

“What did you say? Who’s hurting you?”

“Someone who should drop d**d!”

The baby voice coming from the phone was cute but sounded extremely cold and cruel somehow.

Sebastian’s expression changed immediately. He sprang up from his seat and left with his phone in his hand. A terrifying and m*******s aura instantly engulfed him.

Ian had never spoken like that to Sebastian before.

H**l, the boy had never spoken to anyone before in that manner because he was just a five-year-old. He wouldn’t feel m*******s, regardless of how angry he got.

Yet, Sebastian sensed the m*******s intent from his son.

So someone is actually hurting my son? And my baby’s mommy?

Sebastian gathered all of Hayes Corporation’s security guards, and within a few minutes, a fleet of over ten cars rushed to the preschool.

The top managers, who were there for the meeting, were all flabbergasted.

That is too scary. Who on Earth is so stupid that they have the guts to offend this dude? Now, he is going all out to get the culprit.

Xandra had also heard about the incident at that moment.

She was usually the one who sent Ian to the preschool, so her contact information was registered in the system. That was why the preschool notified her the second something happened.

That woman caused a ruckus in the preschool? This is amazing! I finally have the opportunity to teach that b*tch a lesson.

I can even prove my strength to Sebastian. He’ll definitely love me even more once I settle this matter nicely.

With that, Xandra took off as well.

She even reached the preschool before Sebastian.